Road Bike Gears Explained : Why the Right Choice Matters

I often come across cyclists saying things such as, I ran out of gears on the descend. Only if I have 1 or 2 lower gears, I’d finish the climb strongly. If I’d have another gear, I wouldn’t have cramped. Look, gearing is a very important aspect in cycling but it’s often overlooked by many … Read more

Effetto Mariposa Giustaforza 2 Pro Review

Photo Credit : Effetto Mariposa Effetto Mariposa was established by Alberto De Gioannini in Italy in 2007 when he couldn’t find a quality bicycle-specific torque wrench for his personal needs as a cyclist. In 2014, the brand moved to Switzerland where it is still today. The company set out to solve the problem of the … Read more