The 15 Best Bike Headlights for Road Cyclists in 2018

Are you in the market for your next set of bike headlights?

Well, look no further as I've done all the research work for you and shortlisted the best 15 headlights available today.

There are many things to consider when you're buying a bike headlight; brightness levels, number of light modes, battery life, material used, mounting types and beam type.

If you want to know more about all these, head over to read my bike light buyer's guide. I explained them in detail there.

So let's dive straight in for some of the best bike headlights in the market today.

1. NiteRider Lumina OLED 1100

A premium, super bright headlight by NiteRider with a OLED display on the top.

The multifunctional display shows you exactly how much battery is left in percentage and run times so you don't have to worry running out of battery juice again.

This light is powered by the industry leading CREE LED with a wide beam pattern.

2. Cygolite Metro Pro 1100

This high end headlight from Cygolite is the first to exceed 1000 lumens with a single LED which is quite an achievement itself.

At 1100 lumens, it's suitable for both on and off road riding. There are 9 lighting modes to choose from; more than enough to cover all your riding needs.

The unique thing about Cygolite is the SteadyPulse mode where the LED shines a solid beam and a pulse simultaneously to alert oncoming vehicles.

3. Serfas E-Lume 900

You'll be surprised by how bright this compact, yet lightweight headlight is.

The body is made of ultralight aluminium which helps dissipates heat effectively especially if you run on High mode. 

It's also IPX6 rated, which means it's 100% waterproof and you won't have problems riding in the rain.

Charging is superfast at only 2 hours to completely charge a flat battery using a standard 1.5A charger.

4. Light and Motion Urban 900

The good thing about all Light and Motion headlights is that they're all FL-1 certified.

FL-1 is a widely accepted flashlight industry testing standard in terms of brightness, durability and battery run times.

You can be assured that this headlight lives up to its claims.

You can read my review of the Light and Motion Urban 900 here.

5. Cygolite Expilion 850

The unique feature about the Cygolite Expilion 850 is its swappable batteries.

With this, you have several options; carry a spare, swap batteries between different Cygolite models or simply replace the old batteries when their run times shorten.

It's almost among a handful of rare headlight still made in USA where others are mostly made in China these days.

6. Exposure Strada 800

The first thing you'll notice about this headlight is its price tag. Yes it's expensive and for a good reason.

It's probably the only light that can run for 3 hours at 800 lumens. This is achieved through a patented, intelligent electronic circuitry inside the light that regulates power output, thermal management and beam coverage.

Couple this with a lightweight and durable CNC aluminium body and mounting, you have a real winner.

7. Blackburn Central 700

Blackburn is a well-know brand among commuters or bicycle touring fans.

They also manufacture other accessories such as panniers and bags. So without a doubt, this light is designed with their needs in mind. 

The first thing you'll notice is the user replaceable battery. Wit this, you can carry a spare for your long rides or replace old ones if needed.

 The mounting is versatile that you can either mount it on your handlebars, helmet or GoPro mounts.

8. Cateye Volt 700

Cateye is a household brand when it comes to bicycle lights.

With the Cateye Volt 700, you're getting a headlight developed using the best of Japanese lighting technology coupled with the experience of having been in the bicycle light industry for the past 50 years.

9. Lezyne Lite Drive 700XL

Don't be fooled by this small and compact headlight. It's seriously bright for its size at 700 lumens.

Couple this with the Enhanced Maximum Optical Reflection lens, you'll get built-in side visibility which is important for riding around urban areas.

If you're particular about colors, there's good news for you.

You can choose from 5 colors; black, red, silver, blue and purple.

10. Cygolite Metro 700

The Metro 700 is the updated model of the very popular Cygolite Metro 550.

As with all Cygolite lights, the battery is user swappable.

Cygolite made improvements in several areas like the brightness (700 vs 500 lumens), better battery life and improved optics to increase your visibility on the road.

11. Light and Motion Urban 650

Another winner from Light and Motion. The Urban 650 is the smaller brother of the Urban 900. 

The only difference is the brightness level.

Other than that, you still get all the good stuffs; FL-1 certified, CREE LED and a durable, waterproof body but at a lower price point.

12. Knog Arc Blinder 640

The Blinder Arc 640 was the first high lumens headlight from Melbourne based Knog. 

Known for their stylishly designed yet functional headlights, this headlight has been a favourite among commuters for a few years now and continue to do so today. 

It uses a silicone strap for mounting over the handlebars. Best of all, Knog provides a free replacement should the silicone strap breaks.

13. Knog PWR Road

The PWR is Knog's latest addition to their already solid lineup of headlights.

With the PWR Rider, not only you'll get 600 lumens of light output, but you'll also get a powerbank to go with it. That's why it's called PWR to begin with.

The battery can be used to power the headlight as well as charge all your other electronic devices while riding.

To put things in perspective, you can charge a iPhone7 from flat to 50% and do an hour of riding at 600 lumens. Best of all, you can program the light modes to suit your needs through their ModeMaker app.

14. Cateye Volt 500XC

This is a great headlight for those who have a tight budget. It's also among of my 3 favourite bike headlights below $50.

As far as Cateye is concerned, you'll be getting top-notch Japanese quality and technology.

With the 500XC, Cateye has updated its mounting design. It now uses rubber strap which is much easier to attach and remove as compared to the previous plastic strap which was cumbersome and prone to breaking.

15. Knog PWR Rider

The PWR Rider is the smaller brother to the PWR Road in Knog's new PWR headlights lineup.

It runs a slightly lower lumens count at 450, but still bright enough for most of your riding. The battery capacity is also smaller.

As with all PWR headlights, this comes with a built-in powerbank and is able to charge a iPhone7 from flat to 35% and run at 450 lumens for 1 hour.

You can read my full review of the Knog PWR Rider here.