Best Bike Safety Gears : Top Picks and Reviews

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So you’ve made the decision to ditch your car and go for a bike commute.

Now you’ll be able to get to your destination while getting fresh air and exercise, but you’ve got to consider safety.

In many cases, the commuting hours are also the busiest hours as people are rushing to and from work daily. Add in the traffic chaos, stress levels go up and patience levels go low.

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What are the right gears to make sure you can enjoy your commute while staying safe and stress-free?

Let’s take a look at our favorite safety gear for cyclists.

POC Omne Air Helmet

POC Omne Air
Photo Credit : POC

Swedish company POC, well-known for bike helmets like the Octal and the Ventral, has managed to bring the premium protection offered by their pricier products to this handy, light commuter’s helmet.

The Omne Air is the perfect headgear for protecting yourself on your commute, featuring POC’s proprietary SPIN protection technology, which replaces the foam pads used by other brands with a series of silicone cushions to help attain a perfect fit and exceptional head protection.

The POC Omne Air manages to offer this without compromising either on weight or ventilation, weighing 350g, incorporating front-to-back ventilation, and with a sleek, low profile that goes well with everyday clothes.

Proviz Reflect360+ Jacket

Proviz Reflect360+
Photo Credit : Proviz

One of the best things you can do to stay safe on the road is to stay visible, and what better way to do that than by incorporating quality reflective gear into your commute?

The Reflect360+ hi-viz jacket, by London-based Proviz, features tiny glass beads interwoven with its fabric, allowing light to reflect from it no matter the angle, even indirectly.

The result is an obvious jacket without being blinding drivers will be unable to ignore the fact that there’s a cyclist there, but you won’t be distractingly bright.

This visibility allows you to stay seen, stay safe, and arrive in visible style.

Oakley Sutro Sunglasses

Oakley Sutro
Photo Credit : Oakley

The perfect commuters’ sunglasses, by the world-renowned Oakley. The Oakley Sutro offers 100% protection from all UV and blue light.

The lenses are constructed from lightweight Plutonite material with Oakley’s own PRIZM Lens Technology and High-Definition Optics (HDO), which helps cyclists see clearly, in razor-sharp detail, and without interference from sunlight or reflections over long distances.

Equipped with these glasses, you can protect yourself from blinding while also ensuring that you can keep track of who’s with you on the road, where they are, and what they’re doing.

Protecting yourself from interference with your vision can help you avoid obstacles and dangers and make your ride calm and complete.

Apace Vision Reflective Ankle Bands

Apace Vision Reflective Ankle Bands
Photo Credit : Apace

Don’t be fooled by the simple name. These ankle bands are anything but generic.

Unbelievably bright and offered in sizes to accommodate any limb, these ankle bands can all but guarantee visibility in low-light; they’re even useful during the day. The hook and loop closure ensures a secure fit, and their lightweight elastic construction means they won’t interfere with body movement.

Unstretched, they measure 13″ end to end, but they can be easily and comfortably stretched to a maximum of 17″. Apace Vision focuses entirely on lighting and visibility solutions to help you stay visible in any situation so that you can travel safely.

Roam Universal Bike Phone Mount

Roam Universal Bike Phone Mount
Photo Credit : Roam Universal

If you’re on the move and need to know your route or be available for contact, you don’t want to slow down or stop having a look at your phone, and with this quality phone mount, you don’t have to.

With a bracket that fits most modern smartphones, you won’t have to worry about brand-specificity, and the simple but sturdy hard plastic and silicone grip will comfortably screw shut over any handlebars.

The silicone net, which grips the phone itself, is up to four times stretchier than ordinary rubber and far more durable, so it can comfortably and firmly grasp any phone with no risk of sudden snapping.

Cycliq Fly12 Front Bike Camera

Cycliq Fly12
Photo Credit : Cycliq

It’s difficult to imagine a more impressive piece of gear than the Fly12.

A forward-facing combination camera and 600 lumen light, the Fly12 works equally well to record your trips as it does for incident recording, in which case it automatically locks your footage so that it can’t be overwritten.

It also features 4-5 hours of combined use, video stabilization, and water and dust-proof housing. The simple fact is that cyclists on the road are at risk, and you won’t always be able to recall or see everything that you encounter.

With a cycling camera like this one, you can be sure that no detail goes unnoticed.

Cycliq Fly6 Rear Bike Camera

Cycliq Fly6
Photo Credit : Cycliq

Not a downgrade from the Cyclic Fly12, but a counterpart, the rear-facing Fly6 records HD footage with audio along with a 100 lumens red rear light with the flash, pulse, and solid settings.

In the event of falls, collisions, or other incidents, the Fly6 instantly locks the footage surrounding the event to ensure that you can access a visual record of the event if needed.

Just like its forward-facing companion, the Fly6 is the weather, water, dust, and impact-proof, and it comes with a 12 months warranty so that you can ride with peace of mind.

Garmin Varia RTL510 Rear Lights

Garmin Varia RTL510
Photo Credit : Garmin

One of the most dangerous areas for a cyclist is the rear, and in low-light conditions, it’s frighteningly easy for a driver to be too close to a cyclist without even knowing it.

Representing a true advance in safety gear, the RTL (Radar Tail Light) 510 is a radar-dependent light that does two things very well; keeps you well-lit from behind and emits an auditory alert when vehicles approach.

Once equipped with a radar display unit, the Garmin RTL510 can give you notice when a vehicle is just 153 yards away. This rear light is visible up to a mile away and can be seen within a 220° coverage range.

Hafny Bar End Bike Mirror

Hafny Bar End Bike Mirror
Photo Credit : Hafny

For covering your rear, nothing can beat a good bike mirror. But a mirror isn’t much good if, in a collision, it breaks and becomes just another hazard.

Luckily, Hafny’s bar end mirror includes a special innovation that helps you see behind you without risk; perfectly polished, stainless steel legs.

Constructed from sturdy and lightweight nylon and aluminum, the mirror features a 360° rotating ball mount, with a plug-in mount for the handlebar that fits perfectly in either right or left with no need for extra bike tools, modifications, or hardware.

With these mounted, you’ll be able to see behind you clearly and comfortably, reducing risk and improving safety.

Knog Oi Bell

Knog Oi
Photo Credit : Knog

As important as it is to see behind you, it’s just as vital to let others know you’re there, too, and for that, there’s nothing better than a quality bell.

If you were to look at a Knog Oi without knowing what it was, you might think it was a leftover piece of a mount for something. But this unassuming little metal cuff is actually one of the most reliable bike bells anywhere.

It comes in two varieties, Oi and Oi Luxe, which features a wire clapper; and in two sizes; one for handlebars 0.9” diameter, and one for 0.9” to 1.25”.

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Abus Granit X-Plus 540

Abus Granit X-Plus 540
Photo Credit : Abus

No matter what, you should never ride without a lock.

Your dream bike and all of your nice gear are for nothing if someone decides to walk off with it, and the Abus Granit X-Plus 540 is an unbeatable choice.

It’s got one of the top security ratings from the German company; 15 of 15, and every part is constructed from temper-hardened steel to make sure of it. It features double locking to make picking harder, along with the high pulling resistance.

The Abus Granit X-Plus 540 can be keyed with other Abus products for convenience, and each key is lit for ease in the dark.

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Exposure Blaze Mk3

Exposure Blaze Mk3
Photo Credit : Exposure

It can be easy to overlook, but good rear light is just as important as a solid front one. The Blaze Mk3 is a rear light that features two of the most advanced lighting options available, ReAKT (Ambient Kinetic Technology) and Peloton modes.

ReAKT allows light to adapt to surroundings and conditions so that its brightness can adjust to brighter areas or brighten when braking. Peloton uses a sensor when another cyclist is nearby to dim in response to their front light.

From the function button, the Blaze can be switched into Daybright, medium, and low light modes, covering all of your lighting needs.