The 14 Best Commuter Pants for Biking to Work in 2020

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Commuting to work by bike is a great way to get exercise, save money, and reduce your carbon footprint, but nobody wants to arrive at point B soaking wet and looking disheveled.

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You can make your daily commute without worrying so much about the weather thanks to this great collection of commuter pants.

Let’s take a look at 14 of the best commuter pants available.

1.Gore Wear C3 Active Pant

Gore Wear C3 Active Pant Commuter Pants
Photo Credit : Gore

If you want to stay dry and warm, then it makes a lot of sense to go with the tried and true masters of water-proof fabric; Gore-Tex. This Seattle-based company has been developing fabrics and apparel that repel water for more than 40 years.

These Gore Wear pants take advantage of that decades-old technology with waterproof construction that also breathes. Adjustable leg widths keep the pant legs clear of the chains while a regular cut allows for room for cycling shorts.

Designed specifically for cycling, the seat of the pants are reinforced to make sure they hold up after all those miles in the bike saddle. Zip tags make accessing zippered pockets easy while reflective piping keeps you visible to motorists.

2. Pearl Izumi Versa Pant

Pearl Izumi Versa Commuter Pants
Photo Credit : Pearl

Cycling apparel giant Pearl Izumi offers a pair of cycling pants you’ll be proud to saunter through the officer wearing with its Versa Pant. They may look like a pair of standard khakis, but they offer so much more.

These DWR-treated pants repel rain, keeping you dry while Transfer Versa fabric allows water vapor to be released from the pants. Understated zippers keep your valuables from falling out as your ride while a wider crotch keeps things comfortable in the saddle.

Pearl Izumi also integrates reflective accents into the pants that make you visible to traffic.

3. Sugoi Resistor Pant

Sugoi Resistor Commuter Pants
Photo Credit : Sugoi

These attractive pants from Sugoi keep you dry and warm in weather most people won’t ride in.

The Resistors are constructed with 3-layer Dri Shield technology and sealed seams to keep you dry in the worst weather. Of course, that rain resistance doesn’t help a whole lot if a pair of pants keeps the rain out only to have you bathe in your own sweat. That’s why the Resistor’s water-proof knit material allows water vapor to exit the pants.

Cycling-oriented features include zipper ventilation and ankle zippers with snap adjustments to protect your pant legs from the chain. The Sugoi Resistor pant is also integrated with Zap reflective technology for increased visibility in traffic.

4. Craft Rain Commute Set Pant

Craft Rain Commute Set Pant Commuter Pants
Photo Credit : Craft

This set of commuter black pants from sportswear company Craft mixes comfort with weather preparedness. The Craft Rain pants offer a more relaxed fit than other more office-oriented commuter pants.

They feature a three-layer waterproof construction for protection from the rain. A relaxed cut and elastic waistband add comfort while hook and loop adjusters on the cuff allow you to pull the lower legs tight to keep them out of your drivetrain.

The fabric is also breathable, allowing water vapor to escape as you sweat.

5. Shower Pass Storm Pant

Shower Pass Storm Pant Commuter Pants
Photo Credit : Shower

With a name like Shower’s Pass Storm pant, this pair better hold up against wet weather. They do.

These heavy-duty pants are loose oversized, allowing you to throw them on over regular pants in a pinch. They feature water-resistant material and taped seams to keep the wet weather at bay. Hook-in-loop leg straps allow you to pull in all the slack to keep your pant legs safely away from your chain.

Reflective piping and trim add visibility while zippered pockets keep your valuables from falling out. This pair of pants even includes a stuff sack to store your pants until needed.

6. Castelli VG 5 Pocket Pant

Castelli VG 5 Pocket Pant Commuter Pants
Photo Credit : Castelli

Castelli’s known for its high-performance racing apparel. But many forget that the company started as a men’s tailor shop in Milan, Italy.

That might be why these Castelli VG 5 pants, named after the Vittore Gianni Atelier shop, might look so stylish. These cotton-blend pants may not keep you dry in a downpour, but they certainly are a great option for those fair-weather commutes. 

And they are DWR treated, meaning they will repel water, so an unexpected light shower is nothing to worry about.

A regular cut with articulated knees adds comfort and flexibility for pedaling.

7. Outdoor Peak Cycling Pant

Outdoor Peak Cycling Pant Commuter Pants
Photo Credit : Outdoor

If there’s such a thing as adventure commuter pants, then this sporty pair from Outdoor Peak fits the bill.

They’re made from quick-dry polyester and are also breathable. Outdoor Peak also cuts these pants for cycling with tailored knees and a tight cut for pedaling. Plenty of zippered pockets on the front, back, and thigh provide storage for wallets, credit cards, and multi-tools.

Just keep in mind that these pants are designed for a variety of outdoor activities, so they don’t have reflective features for visibility.

8. Arc'teryx A2B Commuter Pant

Arc'teryx A2B Commuter Pant Commuter Pants
Photo Credit : Arc'teryx

Arc’teryx is known for its rugged winter gear, so you know its commuter work pants will hold up against wet weather.

The fabric, which fits more tightly than other pants, is designed to stretch, allowing for plenty of give while pedaling. It also features Schoeller 3XDRY treatment, so it repels rains and dries more quickly when wet.

It also includes some clever reflective panels, which can be exposed when the cuffs are rolled up and the pockets pulled out. Subtle zippered compartments on the side make for handy storage.

Just remember that these Arc’teryx pants are designed for cycling, so the legs are fitted to keep the pant cuffs out of your drivetrain.

9. Amazon Basics Men's Athletic Pant

Amazon Basics Men's Athletic Pant Commuter Pants
Photo Credit : Amazon

On a budget?

These Amazon Basics athletic cut pants are a great option for a low-cost commuter pant.

This cotton spandex blend allows for just enough stretch for comfortable riding, but professional enough for casual office attire.

The pants are cut to provide more room in the waist, hip, and thigh to facilitate movement. The lower leg, meanwhile, is fitted to keep the cuffs from interfering with your bike’s chain.

Just keep in mind that these pants lack the reflective features of dedicated commuter pants.

10. The North Face Motion Pant

The North Face Motion Commuter Pants
Photo Credit : The North Face

Outdoor gear company North Face offers this attractive pair of commuter pants.

They feature a cotton elastane mix to provide enough flex for cycling commuters. They also feature a gusseted crotch and tailored knees for additional movement.

The inner cuffs include reflective tape that can be turned out for riding and concealed when at the office. Standard hand and rear pockets are built into the Motion Pant, although they do lack zippers for security.

North Face’s Motion Pant is available in a variety of sizes and colors.

11. KUHL Renegade Afire Pant

KUHL Renegade Afire Pant Commuter Pants
Photo Credit : KUHL

Outdoor apparel company KUHL describes these stylish pants as being ready for any adventure.

And, despite their unassuming looks, they offer a few well-designed outdoor-ready features including a water-repellent coating that keeps rain at bay. Other features include a stretchy nylon-spandex blend and articulated knees that facilitate easy pedaling, and tapered legs that keep pant cuffs from catching in the drivetrain.

Hidden reflective panels in the pant legs can be turned up while riding for added visibility. The pants also include what KUHL refers to as a stealth pocket for a smartphone.

12. Patagonia Twill Traveler Pant

Patagonia Twill Traveler Pant Commuter Pants
Photo Credit : Patagonia

Outdoor apparel company Patagonia’s twill traveler pant is a great option for commuters headed to the workplace.

These cotton-blend pants are treated with a 3XDRY finish that wicks moisture away from the skin. The pants are also flexible and lightweight, allowing for pedaling with ease.

A fitted cut keeps pant cuffs away from your bike’s drivetrain. A drawstring waistband provides a snug fit while riding while a zippered thigh pocket adds safe storage for valuables or a smartphone.

The Patagonia Traveler Pant is available in three different colors.

13. Houdini Commitment Chino Pant

Houdini Commitment Chino Pant Commuter Pants
Photo Credit : Houdini

Houdini has become known as a pioneer in recycling old fabrics into new clothing.

Designed for commutes to the office, these chinos from outdoor clothing company Houdini are comfortable on a bike or in the workplace.

The Commitment Chinos are made of a blend of recycled polyester, standard polyester, and stretch polyester providing them with plenty of stretch for movement on a bike. Articulated knees facilitate easy pedaling. Other features include a zippered hidden pocket for a smartphone or other valuables.

The Commitment pant is available in beige and black.

14. Columbia Evolution Valley Pant

Columbia Evolution Valley Pant Commuter Pants
Photo Credit : Columbia

Outdoor apparel giant Columbia instills its proprietary Omni-Tech fabric technology into most of its apparel, and that includes the Valley Pant, which the company says are just as at home on wet hiking trails as they are on a bike commute to work.

Thanks to Omni-Tech these pants will keep you dry whether it’s raining or your sweating. The fabric is breathable and water-proof. Columbia goes with an elastic waistband and plenty of stretch for optimal comfort.

A zippered pocket in the front keeps your valuables secure as you navigate the morning commute.