The 12 Best Cycling Socks for 2020

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Are you looking for cycling socks recommendations?

Finding a pair of cycling sock is easy, but finding the right pair can be a challenge. You’d probably noticed that they come in various lengths and materials.

How are they different from each other, and do they affect your cycling enjoyment and performance? 


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In general, the cycling socks are designed for the weather conditions you’re riding in. There are different types of socks for summer, autumn/spring and winter. 

Here are our top cycling socks picks.

Best for Summer

Swiftwick Cycling Socks White

Swiftwick Performance 7

Best for Autumn/Spring

Castelli Primaloft 15 Sock

Castelli Primaloft 15

Best for Winter

DeFeet Woolie Boolie 6-Inch Sock

Defeet Woolie Boolie

Summer Cycling Socks

1. Swiftwick Performance 7

Made from synthetic olefin fiber, this pair of socks always dry up at a quick rate, wicks out moisture and prevents the build-up of odor. 

To keep your toes safe and prevent blisters from forming, the seams have been hidden and placed strategically. 

When you stretch out the socks fully, they will cover the lower part of your foot to the mid-calf. Durability in the toe and heel areas is brought about by reinforced nylon. 

This pair of socks is environment-friendly, the material it’s made of was recognized as a polymer, which can be recycled quite easily.

2. Castelli Free 9

Wearing these socks will give you a stylish look and keep you cool at the same time. 

They’re are made from Meryl skin life, which is as soft as a feather and thin to reduce strenuous weight. 

Temperature regulation during warm weather is brought about by the mesh-like material that starts at the cuff and extends to the heel. 

You can still wear these socks even during hot days and still feel comfortable.

3. Defeet Aireator Team Double Cuff

Just as the name suggests, these socks have a double cuff, which keeps them firmly held on your ankle without slipping down. 

It’s made up of 1% lycra, 33% Coolmax EcoMade and 66% nylon. Such materials will give you a cooling effect during hot weather conditions. 

This pair of bike socks is 5″, after wearing them they will sit just above your calf muscles. 

Style is also another important feature that these socks possess, they’re available in different colors giving you a wide variety to choose from.

Winter Cycling Socks

1. Defeet Men’s Woolie Boolie 6-Inch

Just as the name suggests, these socks are made from merino wool, which has high insulation properties and keeps your feet comfortable. 

Other materials that have been used to make these socks are lycra and nylon.

These socks are thick, so you should ensure that your cycling shoes are wide enough to accommodate them. 

Breathability is guaranteed by these socks, the material it’s made from wicks sweat and keeps your feet dry. 

2. Castelli Quindici

Now, this is the perfect definition of winter socks, they’re made of 100 % merino wool.

Breathability, comfort, and warmth are the main properties of Merino Wool. You can wear these socks in the coldest winter because you’re assured of constant warmth. 

Not to mention, the heel and toes are made from towel terry, which takes comfort to the next level. 

This pair is 15cm long. After wearing these socks, they will cover your ankles fully and sit at your calf muscles. The word Quindici means 15 in Italian.

3. Giordana Merino Tall Socks

Giordana is an Italian company that’s been here from the ‘70s. They manufacture some top-notch cycling gears. 

Made from 57 % merino, 3 % spandex and 40 % nylon, these socks are the perfect for riding in cold weather.

The different combinations of materials give these socks the ability to wick off sweat without getting sloppy. On the top part of these socks, there is a thin weave, which boosts breathability.

You can choose the style that suits you the most because these socks have different combinations of colors; black/grey, grey/black, grey/pink. 

Autumn and Spring Cycling Socks

1. Castelli Primaloft 15

These socks are made from both polypropylene and Primaloft. Those two materials will keep your feet warm and toasty during chilly weather conditions. 

That’s not all, your feet will also remain dry because due to sweat-wicking properties possessed by this pair of socks. 

Standing at a height of 6″, these socks boost the overall warmth that’s provided.  

Comfort is another important feature provided by these socks, the materials they’re made of are soft. 

2. Giro HRC Team

Giro is a well-renowned company that produces top-notch cycling equipments.  

These socks are a perfect choice for autumn, they’re made from merino wool, Meryl Skinlife Construction, and nylon. Those materials are good insulators, and they trap a layer of warm air to keep your feet warm as you’re riding. 

The toes and the heel have been reinforced completely by nylon to enhance durability. To add on that, these socks 2″ high and 4″ wide, so if you don’t like lengthy socks, these will be a good pick for you.

3. Gore C3 Windstopper

These socks are perfect for chilly weather conditions and season, but not too cold for overshoes. Dressing for such weather conditions can be a hard task because you still have to keep your feet warm. 

To keep the wind off your feet, these socks have been equipped with a Gore Windstopper membrane. Moisture is absorbed by the synthetic polyester material that it’s its made of.

The seams of these socks are in a flatlock manner to maximize your comfort. For easier movement, the socks have been designed to be stretchy.

Compression Cycling Socks

1. 2XU 24/7

If you like riding for long hours, you might be familiar with the muscle fatigue that comes after that. These socks will save you from muscle soreness and fatigue because it brings about the continuous circulation of blood to your legs. 

Plus, these socks can be worn up to your knees for good circulation. To improve your performance, these socks have a soft cushioning material on the heels, and they’re also lightweight. 

Riding is made more comfortable by the breathability properties that these socks possess. They’re made of polyester, a good sweat-wicking material.  

2. Capo Active Compression

Olefin, a material that is constructed using 200 needles is what these socks are made of. 

You will get maximum compression from your toes to your calf muscles when you wear these socks. The cuff is about 15 cm and it sits firmly on your leg. 

These socks also have an odor-resistant feature, even after using them for long rides they won’t have a funky smell. 

They also wicks-off sweat easily to keep your feet dry, and they’re environment-friendly because they don’t produce a lot of waste as compared to other synthetic material.

3. veloToze Active Compression

This pair of Velotoze cycling socks is made from a merino wool blend material. 

Compression offered by this pair of socks is light, but adequate enough to ensure blood circulation to your feet. 

It’s 6″ tall and covers your feet to a substantial height when fully stretched out. In those cold and wet conditions where you have to use these socks, wear them with veloToze overshoes, which have been designed side-by-side with these socks. 

These 2 cycling gears will give you maximum comfort during bad weather conditions.

Things to Consider Before Buying Cycling Socks

1. Sock Length

When considering the height of a pair of bike socks, it’s worthwhile to note that there is a rule that has been set by UCI that states; the maximum height should be between the knee and the ankle. 

But worry not. The rule is only applicable to you if you’re competing. 

On the other hand, if you’re wearing socks to go out on a fun ride with your friends, you can go for the longest socks, there is no regulation holding you back.

Cycling sock length ranges from 2.5″ (ankle height) to 3-4″ (mid) and 5-6″ (tall).

If you take a look at a legendary cyclist like Fausto Coppi who pioneered fashion in cycling, you’ll notice that he wore socks to a certain length.

This fashion statement has been upheld because most socks that cyclists’ socks are about 3″, which are the same length as Coppi’s. Other socks lengths are 5″ and 6″, which are considered to be on the taller size. 

Some examples of 6″ socks include the Castelli Primaloft 7, Swiftwick Performance 7 and Velotoze.

2. Sock Materials

Merino wool and polyester are the most common materials that are used in making bike socks, this is because they possess some unique qualities.

Merino Wool 

Due to its thickness, merino wool is a perfect material for winter cycling socks. They’ll keep your feet warm because of it’s high insulation properties. It’s also odor-resistant. The flip side of merino wool is the non-breathability properties that it possesses. 

Examples : Giordana Tall Sock, Castelli Quindici


Polyester is the best material to be used for summer cycling socks because it’s highly breathable and can be made into thinner mesh-like fabrics. 

Additionally, polyester socks wicks-off sweat from your feet as you’re riding and keeps your feet dry.

Examples : Castelli Free 9, Swiftwick Performance 7