Best Dog Bike Baskets : Top Picks and Reviews

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Looking to bring your dog on a ride?

A dog bike basket is your solution.

While there are many models available out there, they’re not the same.

A high quality dog bike basket will ensure your dog is safe, comfortable and more importantly happy throughout the ride.

Here are 5 of the best dog bike baskets to consider.

Dog Basket ModelMountingMaximum WeightToday's Price
Snoozer BuddyFront Mounted15 lbsCheck Price
Solvit TagalongFront Mounted13 lbsCheck Price
Travelin Pet-Pilot MaxFront MountedYesCheck Price
BiKase DairymanRear Mounted12 lbsCheck Price
Beach & Dog CoRear Mounted28 lbsCheck Price

1. Snoozer Buddy Bike Basket

Snoozer Sporty Dog Bike Basket
Photo Credit : Snoozer

South Carolina-based Snoozer has been producing pet products for the better part of 40 years, and in that time they’ve always stuck to one constant; comfort. 

The Snoozer Buddy bike basket is a great basket for dogs weighing under 15 lbs. It features comfortable removable interior padding along with a chin rest for your dog’s comfort and a secure inner leash clip. 

The exterior is made of resilient polyester which can be easily wiped clean, while side storage pockets can hold phones, keys, plastic bags and water bottles while riding. 

The basket can also mount easily on most types of handlebars with minimal adjustment and comes with a one year warranty, making the Snoozer Buddy bike basket a terrific choice for small dogs and almost all bikes.

2. PetSafe Solvit Tagalong Pet Basket

PetSafe Happy Ride Dog Basket
Photo Credit : PetSafe

Since 1991, PetSafe has been making top-notch dog baskets, and the Solvit Tagalong offers everything you could want for dogs of up to 13 lbs. 

The nylon basket attaches easily to handlebars with an easy-to-understand system of brackets and straps, while an in-basket tether is provided to anchor your dog firmly and safely inside. Included is an open detachable sun shield and pockets on the sides for easy access to water, treats, keys, etc. 

The PetSafe Solvit Tagalong pet basket also stands out for its included shoulder strap, which can be attached to the basket to turn it into a carrying bag for your dog and supplies.

3. Travelin K9 Pet Pilot Max

Travelin K9 Pet-Pilot Dog Bike Basket
Photo Credit : Travelin

Travelin saw a big success with the Pet Pilot in 2018, and the MAX incorporates all of those hit features and more. 

The all-steel frame has been enlarged to accommodate small breeds who’re just a little too cramped in the original Pet-Pilot while retaining the cushioned foam flooring and front air vent. 

The Max also features a two point chrome clasp to securely hook your dog into the basket and stop them jumping out, as well as reflective strip around the edge, a water bottle holder, and pockets and loops for keys, leashes, and other small items. 

At just 5.4 lbs for both basket and mount, this lightweight, Travelin K9 Pet Pilot Max is perfect.

5. BiKase Dairyman

BiKase Dairyman Dog Bike Basket
Photo Credit : BiKase

One of the most adaptable baskets on this list, the BiKase Dairyman Pet Kit is a rear-mounted basket for dogs weighing up to 12 lbs. 

It features a quick release which clips easily and quickly onto a standard saddle rack. Built from tough and easily-cleaned plastic, it comes with an elastic-rimmed mesh cover which can protect your dog from wind and rain while allowing them to enjoy the wind, and it can be just as easily pulled off for use as a cargo basket when your dog’s not along for the ride. 

The BiKase Dairyman Pet Kit offers a one year warranty for defects and can usually be found through smaller local bike shops.

6. Beach & Dog Co Cape May

Beach and Dog Co Bike Basket
Photo Credit : Beach and Dog Co.

Beach & Dog is a homegrown company which focuses on producing high-quality handwoven willow wicker baskets.

For a more classic look and handcrafted attention to detail, you can’t go wrong with the Cape May. With a wood bottom and included mount, it can carry dogs of up to 25 lbs, with medium and large sizes offered for dogs up to 28 lbs. 

With a steel cage cover to let your dog enjoy the sun and the air while keeping them safe, you can ride with the Beach & Dog Co Cape May with peace of mind.

Dog Bike Case Buyer's Guide

There’s no better way to share your adventures with your dog than with a bike basket, but there are a few things to consider before you make your purchase. 

You’ll need to consider what type of bike you have; whether it’s a cruiser bike, hybrid bike or a mountain bike.

And where you want to mount the basket, how big your dog is, whether or not they’ll be comfortable, and how to make sure they stay safe and happy throughout the ride.

Let’s take a closer look at the 4 most important things to consider.

1. Front vs Rear Mounted Basket

When it comes to front vs rear mounted dog baskets, it’s important to think about what you want to do with the basket and what your dog’s behavior is like. 

Front mounted baskets could subject your dog to the bumps and jumps you get from turns and vibrations, but for more excitable dogs. With dog baskets such as the Snoozer Buddy and PetSafe Solvit Tagalong, you’ll be able to see them and make sure they’re safe and comfortable more easily. 

Rear mounted baskets won’t allow you to have the same visibility. But by mounting the basket on a sturdier bike rack, you’ll have more points of contact between the basket and the frame, providing a smoother, steadier ride for your dog. A good example is the Travelin K9 Pet Pilot dog basket.

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2. Dog Size and Weight

It may seem obvious that only dogs of a certain size and body type can ride comfortably in baskets while also allowing you to cycle with ease. 

For dogs under 20 to 24 lbs, you can safely place them in nylon or reinforced fabric bags or baskets such BiKase Dairyman and PetSafe Solvit Tagalong without problems. 

For dogs between 20 and 30 lbs, you’ll need a stronger basket made of wicker or metal with padding such as the Beach & Dog Co Cape May to ensure that their weight is being supported properly and safely. With any basket, it’s a good idea to check the size of container that can hold your dog before making any purchase.

3. Comfort

Your dog will only put up with a basket so long as they’re comfortable in it. 

Dogs tend to be reactive, so if their basket offers an unpleasant experience, don’t be surprised if they try to jump ship out of annoyance or discomfort. 

Always make sure to provide extra padding and to carry along a sun/weather shade to keep them protected from the weather. 

Make sure they have enough room to move around a bit inside before setting off with them in tow. It’s also a good idea to make sure that safety harnesses aren’t unpleasantly restrictive, and keep an eye out for pockets to carry extra treats, water and waste bags to make their ride as enjoyable as possible.

4. Safety Features

The best way to get the most out of any safety features is to get your dog accustomed to their basket before heading out. 

You can do this by giving them treats for sitting inside and praising them, and this will also help stop them from trying to jump out while in motion, the biggest safety concern. 

Always check to be sure that a basket comes with an adequate, properly working safety tether or harness, the more points of contact the better. 

You should also check and re-check the attachment system to be sure that the basket will stay firmly mounted on your bike.

5. Versatility

A bike basket can be a handy thing to have whether your dog is along for the ride or not. If they’re staying home, it’s useful to know that you have a basket which can carry small items like groceries or other extras. 

Rear mounted baskets will usually be better for this, since they’ll have the advantage of a sturdy rack beneath them. 

But provided a front mounted one is strong enough, like reinforced fabric, wicker, or solid plastic, these can work great as well. 

If you’re planning on using your dog basket for storage while your dog is busy with other things, always test it out beforehand with something suitably heavy and bulky.