The Best, Tidy Garage Bike Racks and Storage Ideas

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Looking for ideas to store your bikes in the garage, so you can finally fit the car inside? 

You’ll be surprised how much space the bikes take up especially when you have multiple bikes for each family member. Talk about road, gravel, mountain, and kids bikes.

  • Have a small garage and yet multiple bikes?
  • Confused by all the options out there? 
  • Which ones will work best, and how do you get the rack you need without spending a fortune on it? 

On this page, I’ll share with you the various types of rack solutions and the popular models among cyclists today.

A Quick Glance : Our Favorite Garage Bike Racks

Wall Mounted

Clug Bike Clip
Clug Bike Clip

Clug Bike Clip

Ceiling Mounted

RAD Sportz Bicycle Hoist Garage Storage
RAD Sportz Bicycle Hoist Garage Storage

RAD Sportz Bicycle Hoist

Floor Stand

Feedback Sports RAKK
Feedback Sports RAKK

Feedback Sports RAKK

Wall Mounted Options

Hornit Clug Roadie

Clug Bike Clip
Photo Credit : Clug

Billing itself as the world’s smallest bike rack, the Clug Bike Clip, which is the product of a Kickstarter campaign, is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. 

This vertical rack mounts to the wall. Pull your bike upright vertically and snap your front wheel into the clip, and it’s stored. It is a great inexpensive clip to store your bike and save space quickly. 

Remember that, unlike other vertical racks, it does require that the rear wheel rest on the floor.  This clip comes in five different sizes to fit road, hybrid, mountain, XL, and XXL wheels. 

  • Pros : Very affordable, small, and easy to install.
  • Cons : Comes in 5 sizes. Make sure to choose the correct size according to the type of bike.

Homee Bike Hanger

Homee Bike Hanger
Photo Credit : Homee

You can’t find a much cheaper option to get your bikes off the floor and neatly mounted to the wall than the Homee Bike Hanger. 

This vertical bike rack mounts to your garage wall with four wood screws. Steel construction gives this mount a load capacity of 66 lbs, which is more than enough to hold even the heaviest bikes while a sponge cover for the hook protects your wheel rims. 

And with a wide 5” clearance between wall and hook, this mount is designed to handle mountain bike tires as well as road bike tires.

  • Pros : Can hold up to 66 lbs. of load.
  • Cons : Screws provided are flimsy. You might want to buy your own.

Hasit Wall Mount Rack

Hasit Wall Mount Bike Hanger
Photo Credit : Hasit

This bike rack from Hasit provides a strong and stable option for mounting your bike horizontally. 

The frame is made of steel, giving a load-bearing capacity of 40 lbs. A joint between the mount and the support bar allows you to adjust the angle on this mount, ensuring your bike is level and well supported at both ends of the top. 

Rubber grippers support your bike’s frame, preventing it from sliding while also protecting the finish. The mount’s arms are 14” long and offer three length adjustments that allow you to adjust the spacing between the hangers and the wall to suit handlebar width. 

  • Pros : Solid overall build.
  • Cons : Might not fit bikes with very wide handlebars above 24″.

Ceiling Mounted, Hanging Options

Rad Sportz Bicycle Hoist

RAD Sportz Bicycle Hoist Garage Storage
Photo Credit : Rad Sportz

Rad Sportz manufactures a host of cycling products ranging from stationary bikes to repair stands to bike pumps. But the product it has become best known for is its bike hoist. 

And that’s mainly because it’s so darn inexpensive. You could decorate your garage’s entire ceiling with hanging bikes for the cost of one high-end bike rack. Of course, the price wouldn’t matter much if the product was cheaply made. It’s not. 

Rad Sportz isn’t cutting corners on safety either. A safe locking mechanism prevents an accidental drop while a wall-mounted cord wrap keeps the loose rope out of the way. 

  • Pros : Works on ceilings up to 12 feet high and has a 100 lbs. weight capacity.
  • Cons : Installation can be tricky.

Racor Bike Lift

Racor Ceiling Mounted Bike Lift
Photo Credit : Racor

Get your bike up and out of the way with this bike lift from Racor, a company that specializes in garage storage systems. 

A ceiling-mounted pulley system allows you to lift your bike easily by reducing the weight of your bike by eight times. This mount, which is rated for loads up to 50 lbs., is useable on ceilings up to 12-feet high. 

Safety is paramount with Racor’s design. It features a pulley locking mechanism that keeps the bike secured until released. A wall-mounted cord wrap keeps the cord tidy and safely out of the way while the bike is being stored. 

  • Pros : Smooth and easy-to-use pulley system.
  • Cons : Only 50 lbs. weight capacity.

Ihomepark Bike Ceiling Lift

IHomepark Bike Hoist
Photo Credit : IHomepark

One of the more affordable bikes lifts on the market, the bike ceiling lift from the home park, a company that specializes in home goods, features a three-pulley system that is capable of hoisting a whopping 100 lbs., making it useful for all kinds of gear ranging from bikes to kayaks. 

Thick nylon cords and iron construction make this a heavy-duty bike lift. Each hook is coated in rubber to protect your bike’s finish.

  • Pros : Good value for money with a 100 lbs. weight capacity.
  • Cons : Only 50 lbs. weight capacity.

Floor Racks and Stands

Bikehand Floor Stand

Bikehand Floor Bike Stand
Photo Credit : Bikehand

Stability and portability. What more can you ask for from a floor stand bike rack? 

This freestanding rack from Bikehand, a company that’s been making bike-specific tools and racks since 1988, securely holds your bike upright. Just slide in either the front or rear wheel. 

Each pulley cradles the tire, leaving your precious rims, frames, and bike components untouched. This lightweight stand is also portable, making this stand a great option for the garage or the next race. 

  • Pros : Fits a wide range of bikes from 24″ to 29″.
  • Cons : Installation manual can be confusing.

Simple Houseware Bike Stand

Simple Houseware Bike Stand
Photo Credit : Simple Houseware

Looking for a bike stand that’ll keep your family’s fleet upright and well organized in the garage?

Check out Simple Houseware’s floor bike rack. This family-minded rack has enough spots to store five bikes. At a low price point, it offers great bang for your buck.

Powder-coated steel adds stability as well as weather resistance. With each wheel holder capable of holding tires up to 3.5” wide, this rack is used for road bikes, mountain bikes, and beach cruisers.

Just keep in mind you’ll need ample space in the garage as this rack takes up a lot of real estate at nearly six feet long.

  • Pros : Solid and sturdy base that holds 5 bikes.
  • Cons : Very minimal space between bikes.

Feedback Sports RAKK

Feedback Sports RAKK
Photo Credit : Feedback Sports

This adjustable bike rack from Feedback Sports uses a spring-loaded system that allows it to firmly hold your bike in place with either the front or rear wheel without touching your frame or rims. 

The RAKK is capable of holding narrow 20mm road bike tires and wide 2.4″ mountain bike tires ranging in wheel size from 20″ to 29″.

Clips on the side allow for additional RAKK stands to be attached to it, allowing you to organize and display all of your bikes. 

  • Pros : Fits both road and mountain bikes up to 29″.
  • Cons : Expect to pay more.

Vertical Rack Options

Swagman Hang It

Swagman Hang It Bike Storage
Photo Credit : Swagman

This floor-to-ceiling bike rack from Swagman, a company that has been designing racks for bikes, canoes, and kayaks for home storage and vehicles since the early 1990s, allows you to hang two bikes anywhere in the room. 

The Hang It rack braces between the floor and the ceiling with a maximum height of nine feet. 

The two horizontal racks on the Hang It can be set at various heights and angles to fit most bike sizes and shapes. With no mounting brackets required, the Hang It can be quickly installed and uninstalled. 

  • Pros : Easy installation.
  • Cons : Not recommended for heavier bikes.

Topeak Dual Touch Bike Stand

Topeak Dual Touch
Photo Credit : Topeak

Topeak, a company known for its many bike accessories, offers a sturdy floor-to-ceiling bike storage stand with the Dual-Touch. 

The Dual Touch includes two bicycle mounts with room for up to four mounts. The stand features a locking mechanism on the lower mount that creates secure support between floor and ceiling. 

Each mount offers up to 30º of angle adjustment, allowing it to accommodate bikes with sloping top tubes. The Dual Touch . 

  • Pros : Holds up to 40 lbs. per mount or about 160 lbs. for the entire stand.
  • Cons : Expect to pay more for the quality and brand.

CyclingDeal Vertical Hanger

CyclingDeal Bicycle Vertical Hanger
Photo Credit : CyclingDeal

Wish there was a vertical bike stand that you didn’t have to mount to the ceiling and floor? 

CyclingDeal’s sturdy vertical hanger allows you to store two bikes vertically without the need for a ceiling or wall. This freestanding bike stand, which sits on a Y-shaped base, is rated to handle two bikes at a maximum of 55 lbs. each or 110 lbs. total. 

The mounts are height and angle adjustable, allowing them to handle a variety of different bike frames. 

  • Pros : Good value for money.
  • Cons : Not ideal for heaver bikes.

Types of Garage Bike Racks

1. Wall Mounted Racks

A space-saving way to safely store your bikes is to get them up off the floor. The best way to do that is with a wall-mount rack system. They also tend to be cheaper than other options.

Wall-mount systems come in a variety of styles. For example,

Wheel Hooks

Wheel Hook Garage Bike Racks

Wheel hooks are the simplest wall mount rack, consisting of a bent hook with a threaded end that can be driven into a stud in your garage. They’re usually coated in rubber to prevent damaging your bike.

These hooks thread through the rear wheel or front wheel of your bike, hanging it vertically with the other wheel resting against the wall. 

Wheel hook systems are a great way to store many bikes in a relatively small area. 

That said, they are more awkward to use as they require you to lift your bike in and out of the rack. This can be a struggle with heavier mountain bikes.

You also need to be careful about using this style with bikes that have carbon rims as they can damage them. 

Frame Mounts

Garage Wall Mounted Frame Bike Rack

Frame mounts consist of a set of hooks that mount to the walls of your garage and cradle your bike’s top tube, keeping your bike horizontal. 

These are generally easier to get your bike onto and off of but don’t offer as much space savings as wheel mount hooks. 

2. Ceiling and Hanging Racks

Ceiling Mounted Garage Bike Racks

If you’re looking to save storage space and you have a higher ceiling in your garage, you might consider a ceiling mount system such as those from Rad Sportz and Racor.

These racks mount to your ceiling and use a pulley system consisting of two hooks that attach to the seat and handlebars of your bike. Using thick rope, the pulley system hoists your bike to the ceiling where it lives until your next ride. 

Ceiling mount systems can be an excellent space saver if the ceiling of your garage is high enough to provide adequate clearance below your suspended bike. 

You also need to make sure you follow safety and operation instructions carefully to prevent your bike from suddenly crashing to the floor.

3. Floor Racks and Stands

Floor Bike Rack Stand

If you have the floor space, this is the way to go. 

Floor stands offer a cheap and easy way to store your bike.

No difficult overhead lifts or complicated pulley systems to work with here. Simply slide the front or rear wheel between metal bars and your bike is stored. 

Floor stands won’t provide you with any space savings, but they will keep your fleet of bikes upright and neatly organized in a row. 

One such example is the Feedback Sports Rakk. Alternatively, the floor rack from Simple Houseware can hold up to 5 bikes.

4. Vertical Racks

Indoor Floor to Ceiling Bike Rack

Floor to ceiling mounts such as the Topeak Dual-Touch and Swagman Hang. It is similar to wall-mounted horizontal racks, except that instead of mounting to a wall, these racks mount to a tension bar that runs from the floor to the ceiling. 

They typically holds two bikes horizontally, one low and one high. 

Because this design doesn’t incorporate a wall, it gives you more freedom to position the rack anywhere in your garage or even in your home. You also don’t have to worry about screws and bolts as these racks rely on tension.

While this mounting style does offer space savings, it is limited as the lower rack will only raise your bike a few feet off the ground.

Nicholas Watts

Nicholas used to work in his local bike shop in Denver, Colorado and is very handy especially when it comes to bike repairs. When not writing, you can often find him in the mountain biking trails around Denver.