Best Kids’ Bike Gloves : Our Picks and Reviews

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You’ve bought your child his or her first bike and now you’re after some bike gloves.

After all, the gloves help protect their palms should they fall, and also giving them a firmer grip on the handlebars.

But there are so many gloves out there today. Which one of the hundreds to choose from?

A Quick Glance : Our Favorite Kids’ Bike Gloves

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Cycling Gloves for Toddlers


ZippyRooz Toddler Bike Gloves
Photo Credit : ZippyRooz

ZippyRooz, a company that specializes in kids’ sports apparel and accessories, understands that in order to get your toddler to wear gloves that will protect their hands, they need to look cool and they need to be easy to get on and off. 

With that in mind, they’ve designed their toddler gloves with a wide variety of cool graphics that include flashy colors, monsters, skulls, and unicorns while loops integrated into the fingers make for frustration-free removal of the gloves. 


Fingerten Kids Bike Gloves
Photo Credit : Fingerten

Sometimes kids want to look grown-up. 

These Euro-chic gloves from Finger Ten will give your kids the same look as their cycling moms and dads. The gloves are padded for shock absorption and grip. Perforated palms allow cool air in and hot air and moisture out. 

They also feature silicon tabs on the fingers that make them easy to pull on and off. The gloves come in green, pink and blue. Sizes come in a wide range for kids ages 2-10. 

Innovative Soft Bike Gloves

Innovative Kids Bikes Gloves and Knee Pads
Photo Credit : Innovative

Looking for a full set of protection for your child? 

Check out Simply Kids’ set of gloves, knee pads, and elbow pads. Simply Kids makes its pads out of three layers of heavy-duty padding to absorb impacts from falls and prevent scrapes. 

These pads provide maximum coverage with padding that stretches from elbow to hand and from knee to ankle. A wide range of colors and designs are sure to suit boys and girls ranging in age from 2 to 8 years old. 

Cycling Gloves for Boys

Louis Garneau

Louis Garneau - Kids Bike Gloves
Photo Credit : Louis Garneau

Most of us are familiar with Louis Garneau’s line of adult bike gloves, but did you know that the company also makes bike gloves for kids? 

With perforated palms for breathability, foam padding, and a stretchable spandex upper, about the only difference you’ll notice between the company’s adult riding gloves and kids’ gloves are the sizes and the graphics. 

Louis Garneau’s kids’ gloves even feature a microsuede patch for wiping sweat off your brow. Boys will love the graphics that include dragons, machinery, and bugs. 

Strider - Adventure Riding Gloves

Strider Adventure Riding Gloves
Photo Credit : Strider

These full-fingered gloves from Strider, a company that designs balance bikes, provide plenty of protection and grip for your child’s hands. 

Strider’s Adventure Riding Gloves come equipped with leather palms for grip and polyester backings for comfort and breathability. Padding provides cushioning for impacts. 

A wide opening makes them easy to slip on and off while a velcro strap secures them to your child’s hands. Boys will love the simple but sporty black and white design. 

Luxo Bike

LuxoBike Cycling Gloves
Photo Credit : Giro

These rugged-looking gloves from LuxoBike are ready to handle young riders who are taking on more intense off-road terrain. 

Reminiscent of adult mountain biking gloves, this set includes extra thick padding for absorbing shocks along with durable microsuede for protection and durability. 

Finger loops make them easy to take off while velcro straps make for a secure fit. The uppers are constructed of breathable fabric to keep hands cool. Boys will love the sporty design and color options.  

Cycling Gloves for Girls

Giro Youth Bravo

Giro Youth Bravo Junior Gloves
Photo Credit : Giro

You won’t find many differences between Grio’s adult Bravo line of cycling gloves and these junior-sized gloves. They include all the best features including durable three-panel suede synthetic leather and a breathable mesh 4-way stretch upper. 

It also includes absorbent micro-fiber fabric on the thumbs for wiping away sweat. A wide opening makes the gloves easy to pull on and off. The Bravo Juniors also come in plenty of colors that girls will love. 

Louis Garneau Calory

Louis Garneau Kids Calory Padded Gloves
Photo Credit : Louis Garneau

Louis Garneau puts all of the quality of its adult line of Calory cycling gloves into its kids’ version at a great price. 

There are no corners cut here for kids. This set of gloves features foam padding for comfort and durable synthetic leather with perforated palms for ventilation. Silicon pullers on the fingers and wrist allow the gloves to be easily put on and taken off. 

Girls will love the sleek design and bright color options. 


HTZPLOO Bike Gloves
Photo Credit : HTZPLOO

Older girls will love the sporty look of this pair of gloves from HTZPLOO, a company that specializes in a variety of gloves for exercising. These gloves feature padding for shock absorption and anti-slip silicone gel for grip. 

Lycra on the uppers allows for ventilation and increased flexibility. Loops on the fingers allow for easy removal of the gloves while an adjustable velcro strap keeps them secure while riding. 

Colors range from hot pink to lime green.

Cycling Gloves for 5 - 10 Year Olds

Giro DND Jr II

Giro DND Jr II Youth Bike Gloves
Photo Credit : Giro

DND is known for its tough full-fingered mountain biking gloves. Its DND Jr II gloves are just as tough, only smaller. Like its adult gloves, these DND Jr gloves feature rugged synthetic leather and extra thick suede on the palms for protecting your hands during crashes. 

A wide-mouth cuff makes taking the gloves on and off a breeze while a large velcro strap keeps them secured during aggressive riding. A wide range of design options and graphics are sure to please any young mountain bike rider. 

Size ranges cover children from ages 5 to 10. 

Pearl Izumi Junior Glove

Pearl iZUMi Jr Glove
Photo Credit : Pearl iZUMi

Most cyclists are very familiar with Pearl iZUMI’s wide range of cycling apparel for adults. Pearl iZUMi brings that same level of quality to these rugged mountain biking gloves for kids. 

These full-fingered gloves are designed to protect your child’s hands when those inevitable off-road crashes occur with thick suede palms. Colorful graphics and cool designs make these gloves a hit with boys or girls. 

A broad range of sizes fit kids ranging in age from 5 to 10 years old. 

Bontrager Kids Bike Gloves

Bontrager Bike Gloves - Kids
Photo Credit : Bontrager

Bontrager, a Trek subsidiary that designs and manufactures a broad range of cycling components and accessories, packs a lot of value into these diminutive road cycling gloves. 

These kids cycling gloves feature a padded palm for comfort with plenty of grips to keep small hands from slipping off the handlebars. 

Absorbent fleece on the thumbs facilitates wiping sweat off the brow while adjustable wrist closures keep the gloves secure. Sizes fit kids ranging from ages 4 to 10. 

Does Your Child Need Gloves?

Many kids worry too much about the fun experience they are going to have to the point where they forget about safety. 

As a parent, your responsibility should be to guide your child’s cycling development by providing him/her with the right equipment for cycling. Gloves are really important when cycling. 

Below are three reasons why your child should wear cycling gloves.

Improve Comfort

Gloves provide cushioning through the padding they possess. 

In some cases, vibrations might pass through the handlebar and make your kid’s hands numb. These vibrations cut through nerves located in the hand resulting in a feeling of numbness and pain. 

If the hand is numb, it’s hard to have bike-control. Cycling and bike-control become easier for your kid with gloves.

Safety and Protection

Safety is another important feature offered by gloves. 

Unfortunately, accidents happen when they are least expected to. The first reflex action your kid might perform when falling is to stick out his/her hands to protect other parts of the body.

Gloves will protect your kid’s palm from bruises and cuts.

Improve Grip

Riding in hot conditions might make your child’s hands sweaty. 

Sweaty hands usually slip on the handlebar. When your kid wears gloves, the sweat is soaked by the gloves’ inner lining and his/her hands remain dry while improving the grip. 

Gloves are also useful in rainy conditions because raindrops might cause some slippage on the handlebar.

How Do I Measure My Child's Glove Size?

Cycling Gloves Size Chart

To determine the size of your kid’s gloves, measure the circumference of his/her hand just below the knuckles because that is the widest area on the hand. This process is similar to how an adult bike gloves sizing is done.

The length is determined by measuring the distance between your kid’s wrist and the topmost part of his/her middle finger. 

Small-sized gloves measure between 17-18 cm, medium-sized gloves’ dimensions are 18-19 cm, and large-sized gloves are about 19-20 cm.