The 12 Best Kids Bike Helmets in 2020

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Looking to buy a bike helmet for your 5 to 8 year old child? 

You’d probably came across many different types and models, each with their own pros and cons. But the question is, which one suits your child?

And more importantly, will they like it?

After all, kids tend to like helmets look cool (not so much about safety – that’s the parent’s responsibilities).

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Here are 12 of the best kids bike helmets.

Best for Boys

Nutcase Little Nutty Helmet

Nutcase Little Nutty

Best Budget

Bell Rally Helmet Blue

Bell Rally

Best for Girls

Naranja Minimalista Kids Helmet

Naranja Minimalista

Editor's Pick - Nutcase Little Nutty

Nutcase Little Nutty Helmet
Photo Credit : Nutcase

To boys who like street-styled helmets that serve the purpose of providing safety, this might be a good option. It’ll fit a wide range of head circumference thanks to the dial-fit system which you can adjust accordingly.

You also won’t need to worry much about breathability during hot days. There are 11 cooling vents for maximum airflow through the helmet.

Durability is achieved by the injection-molded ABS shell which is lined with EPS foam. Plus, it’s 360 degrees reflective to increase visibility.

It’s available in 9 different artistic designs and colors. So there are plenty to choose from!

Bell Rally

Bell Rally Child Helmet

This helmet has a lot to offer for its affordable price. It’s available in different colors, giving you the opportunity to choose one that matches your kid’s style. 

It’s a suitable helmet for kids between 5 years and 8 years. 

The unremovable fin provides safety and acts as an improvised sun visor. Equipped with a pinch-guard to prevent pinching while strapping, this helmet takes comfortability to the next level. 

To keep your kid’s head cool, this helmet comes with 16 vents. Even though it cannot be adjusted practically, it has a stretchable feature that makes it fit perfectly.

Raskullz Kitty Cat

Raskullz Kitty Cat Helmet

This is an interestingly designed helmet that you can surprise your kid with. Its price is almost similar to that of Belly Rally, making it quite affordable. 

Even though it’s designed for kids between 5 to 8 years old, it can be used by any kid who is as young as 3 years old. That’s because the circumference of this helmet can be adjusted to fit any head ranging from 48 to 52cm. 

Safety wise, this helmet has been certified by both ASTM and CPSM.

Ouwoer Kids Bike Helmet

Ouwoer Kids Bike Helmet

For a pocket-friendly price, you can get this helmet with a lot of features. 

First of all, it has been certified by both EN 1078 and CPSC. To resist damaging impacts, this helmet has an ABS shell and EPS foam that absorbs shock. 

With 11 vents on the top-side, your kid’s head will always be kept cool when riding a bike. 

Fit wise,  it comes with 2 sets of inner pads of varying thickness, giving your kid a better fit. The chin-straps are also adjustable, this makes sure that it fits comfortably without getting snug.

Bell Sidetrack 2

Bell Spark Junior Helmet

Simply put, this is a kid’s version of an adult helmet called Bell Spark. 

It possesses certain features to maximize the level of safety such as the MIPS technology, which prevents impacts that may cause brain injuries. The outer shell is made from polycarbonate, making the helmet sturdier.

A common setback with many kids helmets is lack of breathability, but this helmet has large vents on the outer shell to maximize breathability. At the center of the helmet, there is a large airflow channel. The inner lining of the helmet is quite friendly because it’s porous and doesn’t hold sweat. 

Furthermore, there is an extended visor to protect your kid’s eyes and forehead in the case of an accident. Adjusting this helmet is quite easy, the easy-splitters around the ears take only a few seconds to adjust.

Giro Scamp MIPS

Giro Scamp MIPS

This is a perfect helmet for kids who are outgrowing balance bikes

Rotational forces that cause brain injury can be reduced by this helmet because it has MIPS technology. This technology utilizes a layer that slides 15mm in all directions to reduce those rational forces.  The outer shell is bonded to the inner EPS foam by in-mold polycarbonate, making this helmet sturdier.

A visor is also a part of this helmet, it protects your kid’s eyes from sunlight.

There are 5 different colors to choose from; Pink, Green, Black, Blue and Red, making it very attractive to kids.

Triple 8 Gotham MIPS

Triple 8 Gotham Helmet

If you’re looking for a single helmet with dual usage, this could be the one. This helmet from Triple Eight is designed for both skating and cycling in mind.

To increase the safety levels, it comes equipped with MIPS technology, something which is quite rare for skate helmets. And in order for it to be sold in North America, this helmet passes both the CPSC and ASTM certifications.

To make it more flexible to kids, it also comes with 2 sets of inner pads that increase comfortability. The outer shell is made from durable ABS material, which makes it more solid.

Nice C Kids Bike Helmet

Nice C Kids Bike Helmet

One look at this helmet will clearly show you the artistic creativity of the designs.

It comes with various designs such as an alligator, dinosaur and shark head. Even though the design is flashy, there are some superb safety features that will come in handy.

It comes with a built-in safety LED light with 3 different modes; stable, flashing and rolling which will help increase your son’s visibility while riding.

Breathability is not neglected. There are 4 large vents found on the outer shell to ensure your boy’s head is well ventilated during hot days.


Bern Kids Nino Helmet

This helmet has very amazing graphics and might be suitable for boys between t 5o 8 years old who love fashion. It comes in various colors ranging from navy, white, black with either a satin or matte finishing.

It’s actually a scaled down version of the very popular BERN Brentwood, designed for older kids. Unlike other helmet visor, this helmet’s visor can be flipped if it’s impending their view. 

Apart from that, this helmet is very light and fits perfectly due to the secure velcro adjustment system.

Kiddomoto Patterned Helmet

Kiddimoto Kids Helmet

Not only is this helmet fashionable with numerous colors and patterns to choose from, but it also has some amazing features. 

For starters, it’s made from a lightweight ABS material that is durable. Your daughter will be comfortable when she wears this helmet because it has an adjustable strap, little vents for cooling, and internal comfort padding. 

Certifications wise, it has been certified by both CPSC and CE for sale in both North America and Europe.

It comes with 10 different design, so your girl will definitely have plenty to choose from!

How to Choose the Best Helmet for Your 5 to 8 Year Old

Before purchasing a kid’s bike helmet, you must consider some factors. 

Are you getting the right size? 

Does the helmet have enough vents to keep your kid’s head cool? 

Let’s take a deeper look into the things to consider before buying bike helmets for your kid.

1. Size and Fit

The manner in which a helmet fits on the head determines if it’s going to be useful or useless. That’s why a good helmet should fit on the head without leaving any extra space that can make it lose. 

Unlike road bike helmets for adults, most kids’ bike helmets are found in small and medium sizes, whereas a few are one-size-fits-all. 

How to Measure Head Circumference for Helmet

You should know the measurements of your kid’s head if you’re planning to purchase a helmet. Determining the size of your kid’s head can be done in two different ways. 

  1. Wrapping a tape measure around your kid’s head just an inch above the eyebrows.
  2. Use a string to take measurements. After wrapping it around the head, take the string and place it on a ruler to get accurate measurements.

Perfectly fitting helmets are comfortable, and they greatly decrease injuries if an accident happens compared to loosely fit helmets. 

Fortunately, there are different types of helmets that have been designed for different age groups that kids fall in. They vary in circumference depending on the age of your kid.

2. Helmet Weight

Which kind of helmet do you want your child to possesses in terms of weight? 

Is it a heavy helmet or a light helmet? 

Generally, light helmets weigh about 200 grams. Your child won’t notice if he or she is wearing a helmet if it’s light. 

Here’s a quick comparison between a light and heavy kids helmet.

  • A light helmet is comfortable as the neck isn’t strained by too much weight. But they’re generally more expensive.
  • A heavy helmet is cheaper, but you sacrifice comfort, especially with younger kids.

3. Breathability

Cycling will make your kid sweat a lot, that’s why you have to look for a helmet that has enough vents to keep your kid cool when he goes biking on a hot summer day.

Vents increase the airflow to the head and make it easier to ride a bike on a hot day.

The number of vents on a helmet is determined by the type of helmet you choose.

PRO TIP : Traditional bike helmets have more vents than skater helmets. A helmet with more vents is more breathable than a helmet with fewer vents because it lets in more air.

4. Safety Certifications

CPSC Road Bike Helmet Standards

Bike helmets have safety standards to make sure that they are fully effective. As you go out there looking for a kid’s bike helmet, be keen on the safety sticker.

Below are the 3 most commonly found helmet certifications today.

  1. CPSC is used for helmets sold in North America.
  2. CE is used for helmets sold Europe.
  3. AU/NZ certified helmets are from Australia and New Zealand, which has tighter testing criteria than CPSC and CE.

5. MIPS vs non MIPS

MIPS Helmet Technology Explained

Multi-directional Impact Protection System, which is also referred to as MIPS, is a technology designed to protect the brain from harmful forces during a fall.

If your child happen to fall at an angle, the impact from the ground may be very damaging to the brain. 

How does MIPS work?

A helmet that has MIPS technology allows the helmet’s outer layers to move, while the inner layers remain snug around the skull. This way, the head is protected while the helmet absorbs the impact.

6. Design

Various Kids Helmet Design

Last, but most importantly, you’ve to know which design your kid likes before purchasing a bike helmet. 

Sporty-like, kitty-like, and skull-looking helmets are some of the designs that kids like. 

You should also consider which color is favorable to your kid. Some kids may also prefer helmets that have good cartoon drawings on it.