The 15 Best Kids Scooters in 2020

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Looking for the best scooter for your kid?

By now, you’d probably seen that there are many types of scooters, even for kids!

There are 2 wheels, 3 wheels, electric and even those for off-road. So the question is, which type of scooter will suit them?

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Before you jump straight into buying, I’d suggest to read through our comprehensive buyer’s guide to be better informed on everything about kids scooter.

If you just want to know your options, then here are 15 of the best scooters for kids.

Best 2 Wheels Scooter

Beleeve Kids Scooter

Beleeve Folding Scooter

Best Electric Scooter

Hoverstar Electric Scooter

Hoverstar Electric Scooter

Best Stunt Scooter

Vokul Pro Scooter

Vokul Pro Scooters

Best 2 Wheeled Scooters

Beleeve Folding Kick Scooter

Beleeve Kids Scooter

Just like Hikole Kids Scooter, this scooter too has LED wheels. The faster your child rides, the brighter the light glows. 

Children from 4 years to 12 years can ride this scooter due to its adjustable handlebar that can be set between 26.7″ and 30.7″ to accommodate your child’s height. The handlebar is sturdy and light and has an extra thick foam that provides grip and makes it comfortable.

Safety is another attractive feature that this scooter packs. The wheels are 120mm in diameter, boosted with a shock absorber that makes it easier for your child to ride on uneven surfaces without falling. Stopping the scooter can be done quite easily and fast with the rear fender brakes to prevent any accident.

Your child will definitely use this scooter for a long time because the materials used are quite durable.

Hikole Kids Scooter

Hikole Kids Scooter

Your child will definitely look stylish with this two-wheeled scooter due to its 100mm LED lights wheels. To smoothen your child’s ride, the wheels have been equipped with bearings that decrease vibrations. 

Speed is decreased by a rear anti-rust brake that should be pressed by your child to bring the scooter to a secure halt. The deck is made of aluminum and is low-to-the-ground to increase your kid’s motor skills such as balancing and coordination. 

Any child who is between the age of 4 and 7 years can ride this scooter. Plus, it’s suitable for both boys and girls.

Razor A5 LUX Kick Scooter

Razor A5 Scooter

This is a popular two-wheeled scooter amongst tall kids. 

Razor’s foot deck is quite large and the handlebars are high. Needless to say, the T-tube is 17″ wide, which makes it suitable for older kids, and it’s made from aluminum, a very durable material. 

The large wheels make it easier for your kids to have a smooth ride every time they are riding this scooter. Razor’s scooters have a foldable feature that eases the work of the rider. 

This model can be folded for easy transportation.

Best 3 Wheeled Scooters

Radio Flyer My 1st Scooter

Radio Flyer My First Scooter

Admittedly, this is a good three-wheeled scooter for your child if he or she is a beginner in riding scooters and hasn’t developed coordination skills. 

It has a wide deck and two front wheels to increase balance and stability. The deck is also textured to increase the safety level of your child. 

Your child will also enjoy the comfortable grip on the handlebars, which makes it easier for him or her to steer. Maneuvering of corners can be done easily through a turning radius designed to keep your child safe. 

Children between 2 and 3 years will learn a lot from this scooter model.

Globber Primo 3

Globber Scooter

Children who haven’t yet learned how to balance can use this three-wheeled scooter to improve their skills. 

It comes with a unique patented steering feature, which is activated by a button to make the two front wheels move backward and forward. Through that, your child will learn how to balance. 

The front wheels are 121 mm in diameter and are bigger than the rear wheel, which is 80 mm. This scooter’s T-bar is adjustable to accommodate older children, who are 6 years and above. 

Foldability is also a feature that this scooter possesses, your child can carry the scooter on his or her arm while traveling long distances.

Micro Maxi Deluxe Scooter

Micro Maxi Deluxe Scooter

This is a lean-to-steer type of three-wheeled scooter, which has a reinforced deck that can accommodate up to 154 lbs. Its deck is made of silicone, and it’s raised to increase stability. 

As your child grows, he or she can adjust the handlebar to match with the changing height, making it suitable for young ones between 5 and 12 years. Soft handle grips make it easier for your child to ride this scooter for long hours without getting any injuries on the palm. 

For a lean-to-steer type of scooter, it’s surprisingly light.

Best Electric Scooters

Hoverstar Electric Scooter

Hoverstar Electric Scooter

Powered by a 12 V battery, this would be a suitable electric scooter for children who are between 4 and 10 years of age because the maximum speed it can attain is 6 mph. 

As your child gets older and heavier, you can get him or her another scooter because this has a weight limit of 120 lbs. Small inclines can be handled by this scooter because the motor is powerful. 

However, due to small wheels, the scooter might take some time to navigate through grass and gravel.

Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter

Razor Power Core Electric Scooter

With a top speed of 10mph, this is a suitable electric scooter for children who are between 5 and 10 years old. Assembly of the scooter can be done by you, it’s only attaching the handlebar to the scooter’s body, which is quite easy. 

A 90W motor powers this electric scooter, giving your little one more time on the scooter and doesn’t require any maintenance. Fender-brakes can be accessed very quickly because they can be hand-operated from the handlebars. 

The weight that can be accommodated by this scooter is about 120lbs.

Pulse Performance 3-Wheel Electric Scooter

Pulse Performance Electric Scooter

With a top speed of 1.75 mph, this would be a suitable electric scooter for children as young as two years old. The deck is wide, giving your child enough space to position himself/herself comfortably, and it is also low to ease up climbing. 

Starting this scooter is easily done through a push-button, your child can then ride it for about 40-minutes without battery depletion. Any child who weighs just above or just below 50 lbs can ride this scooter very comfortably.

Best Off Road Scooters

Mongoose Expo Scooter

Mongoose Expo Scooter

This scooter’s 12-inch wheels set it apart from other scooters, which are equipped with 7-inch wheels. Mongoose pneumatic tires are suitable and versatile for rough surfaces and terrains.

It can also be ridden in patios. 220 lbs, is the weight limit of this scooter. As you can notice, the weight limit is generally high due to its sturdy and robust frame. Despite this scooter being designed for kids, its features make it also suitable for adult-use.

Razor Phase Two Scooter

Razor Phase 2 Dirt Scooter

Tires of this scooter have knobs to bring about good traction in dirt, and a smooth ride on pavements. 

Your child will definitely cherish this scooter due to the speed that it can attain. It slows down swiftly to keep your child safe. 

The handlebars are made from 4130 chromoly, a very durable material that will take your kids through different stages as he/she grows older.

Osprey All Terrain Scooter

Osprey Dirt Scooter

This is a scooter that has been constructed heavily to withstand rough terrains. 

The deck is made of aluminum, a durable and sturdy material that can withstand even gravel. To counteract tough road and surfaces, this scooter features 8-inch wheels that possess CNC 3-bolt aluminum clamp. Such wheels cannot bend easily even when they are subjected to very high pressure. 

Your child will be safe even when he/she is riding even in muddy places because this scooter’s pneumatic tires have deep treads. 

Weight accommodation is up to 250 lbs. Another attractive feature is the fender brake, which is very responsive.

Best Stunt Scooters

Vokul Pro Scooter

Vokul Pro Scooter

Intermediate and advanced stunts can be performed by this scooter because it’s quite light and can accommodate 220 lbs. 

Safety is achieved by an aluminum deck and a steel fork that maintains stability. Your little one will always be comfortable when riding this scooter due to rubber grips on the aluminum handle. Unlike other scooters which have ABEC 7 bearings, this scooter has ABEC 9 bearings to increase precision. 

If your child loves to perform stunts, there are high chances he or she loves to have a cool look. Well, this scooter has fresh graphics that will make your child’s scooter stand out from the rest.

Swagtron Stunt Scooter

Swagtron Stunt Scooter

Aluminum frames that have been used to manufacture this scooter can support up to 260 lbs of weight. 

Your child will practice comfortably and smoothly especially when he or she is landing after performing a stunt, this scooter has ABEC-7 bearings and HIC system. 

Performing jumping stunts is much easier with this scooter because it weighs about 8.2 lbs, which makes it light. The handlebar is about 22″ high, while the deck measures 19″x 4″, making it suitable for children in different training levels.

Chilli Reloaded Pro Scooters

Chilli Reloaded Scooter

Available in four different colors, this scooter gives your child a wide variety of styles to choose from. Intermediate and beginner stunt-riders can use this scooter to improve their skills to a top-notch level. 

The deck is made of aluminum to favor the performance of riders. 

On the other hand, the T-bar is made from chromoly steel and it stands 24″ high and 24″ wide. Rubberized grips have been used on the handlebars so that your child can ride for long hours without developing blisters.

5 Common Types of Kids Scooter

Scooters come in different types to suit the needs of children. 

If your child is a newbie to scooting, riding becomes much easier for him or her because there are friendly scooters for starters. 

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If your child is trying to learn a new motor skill, there is a type of scooter that will help him or her through that. Scooters differ depending on the number of wheels they possess and their functionality.

Let’s take a look at the 5 common types of kids scooter.

1. 2 Wheeled Scooters

This type of scooter requires some experience. 

Just like bicycles, a two-wheeled scooter has a minimum speed, which your child must learn to attain to stay balanced. 

Steering the handle and leaning while navigating a corner are important skills that your child must possess before riding a two-wheeled scooter. 

This type of scooter is suitable for kids who are between 5 and 8 years old because they can balance easily.

Examples of 2 Wheeled Scooters : Hikole, Beleeve and Razor.

2. 3 Wheeled Scooters

If your child is new in riding scooters this might be the best choice for them. There are 4 different types of three-wheeled scooters. 

1 Rear, 2 Front Wheels with A Bicycle-type Steering

This is a suitable scooter for a child who is about 3 years old. No balancing skill that is required to ride this scooter. Balancing is minimal and steering is easy. 

In short, your child will enjoy riding this scooter. It strengthens the calf muscles of young kids.

Example : Radio Flyer My 1st Scooter

1 Rear, 2 Front wheels with A Lean-to-Turn Steering

Riding this scooter requires some type of body-leaning skills.

As the name suggests, your child should lean his or her body while navigating a corner to steer it in the desired direction.

On the other hand, forward-steering is obtained automatically. Your child will understand how to strategically position themselves while taking a turn at a certain speed with this type of scooter.

If your child is struggling with a two-wheeled scooter this might be a good choice. It will prepare them for a two-wheeled scooter later on.

Example : Micro Maxi Deluxe Scooter

2 Rear, 1 Front Wheel with A Bicycle Steering

For toddlers who love to ride scooters for fun, this might be a good choice for them. 

Your child doesn’t have to struggle while navigating a corner. However, you have to warn your child about the rear wheels which may get in their way while riding.

3. Electric Scooter

You can save your child from the struggle of always pushing a scooter by getting an electric scooter. 

As the name implies, an electric scooter is powered by a motor and has thicker wheels. It’s quite heavy, making it more stable. Even though electric scooter is quite fun for your child, they’ll not exercise as much as compared to other types of scooters that require physical activity. 

Generally, children between 4 and 10 years old will love this electric scooter.

Examples of Electric Scooters : Hoverstar and Razor Power Core 

4. Off Road Scooter

Children who love exploring nature have been considered by this type of scooter. It’s designed to be used on rough surfaces and terrains like dirt roads, inclines, and parks.

There are two different types of off-road scooters,

  • Electric
  • Non-electric

Of course, the electric off-road scooter is more powerful and can be used in rougher terrains, compared to a non-electric off-road scooter.

Examples of Off Road Scooters : Mongoose and Razor

5. Stunt Scooter

Does your child love to perform stunts in a skatepark?

If that’s the case, then this scooter is designed for the sole purpose of pulling cool stunts. 

It’s different from the traditional type of scooters because the handle is unadjustable, the wheels are smaller to increase speed, and the deck is made of aluminum to resist too much impactful pressure. 

So if your child likes skateparks and is above the age of 5 years, this will be a cool scooter for them.

Examples of Stunt Scooters : Vokul and Swagtron

6 Things to Look for in Kids Scooter

1. Materials

Different materials are used in manufacturing a scooter. The deck, handlebars, brakes, and wheels are usually made from either steel or aluminum. 

Here are some of the advantages and setbacks of these materials.

  • Aluminum is a light material and it possesses steel’s durability despite being 2.5 less dense than steel. In electric scooters, less weight saves battery energy because minimal force is used, which brings about faster acceleration.
  • Steel is also a material used in making scooters. One admirable feature about steel is, its ability to absorb vibrations while riding. This makes steel a very comfortable material to ride on. Apart from that, steel is a light material, which has good reactivity. A major setback with steel scooters is the vulnerability to corrosion.

2. Deck Size

You should choose a deck size that is comfortable for your child. 

Too much deck space can make riding a tiring activity, while little deck space will make your child’s scooter uncomfortable. 

However, if your child loves doing stunts, a small scooter will be a perfect fit for that because it’s generally lighter. 

Large decks are suitable for children with large bodies because the body is proportional to the deck. It’s worthwhile to note that the size of a scooter’s deck depends on your child age and weight. 

PRO TIP : The most common desk size for kids is 4″ to 4.5″ wide and 19″ to 20″ long.

3. Handlebars

Handlebars determine the extent of balance, which your child will be riding on. That’s why you have to make sure that a handlebar is at the right height. 

Most scooters in the market have adjustable handlebars that can be made shorter or longer. 

The preferred height should be just above your child’s waist. Anything more or less will be uncomfortable. Stunt scooters, which don’t have adjustable handlebars are chosen in a unique manner.

Your child should stand next to the scooter, and the handlebar should fall at his or her chest’s height. The width of a handlebar should be the distance from one shoulder to the other.

4. Type of Wheels

The two common types of wheels compatible found in kids scooters are:

  • Off-road Wheels. Most off-road wheels have a diameter of around 8″. Depending on the tire brands, it can either be inflatable or non-inflatable. Off-road tires are tougher because they are designed to be used in rough terrain and road.
  • Road Wheels. Unlike off-road wheels, these wheels are smaller in size and thickness because they are not used in rough surfaces. The diameter ranges from 4″ to 5″, and should be used in friendly surfaces that will not wear them out.

5. Foldability

Some scooters have a foldable option. This makes it easier for your child to travel with it.

When folded, a scooter occupies less space and can be packed in a sizeable bag to increase mobility. Not to mention, foldability makes it easier to store a scooter. The process of folding up a scooter is quite easy.

Sliding out the grip after pressing a release button on the handle is the first step. After that, pull the quick-release lever to unclamp the scooter’s T- tube and push it down. The last step is pulling the joint-release lever and folding the scooter up.

6. Brakes

A scooter can have two types of brakes.

  • Handbrakes. These brakes are mostly found in electric scooters handlebars, your child is required to only press the lever and the force will be transferred to the brake.
  • Footbrakes. This type of brake is found in the rear wheel of a scooter. A substantial force must be applied by one leg to the brake to bring the scooter to halt or decrease the speed.