Best RV Bike Racks : Top Picks and Reviews

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Going for a road trip with your RV and bringing the bikes along?

You’ll need a proper bike rack to maximise your storage space.

Having a dedicated RV bike rack allows you to not only carry your bikes securely, but you can also carry multiple bikes for the kids, your partner and yourself.

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There are various types of RV bike racks today. So before you decide which one is for you, read our buyer’s guide.

But if you’re reading to find out which ones we recommend, read on.

Here are 10 of the best RV bike racks, depending on your set up.

Rack ModelTypeMax WeightToday's Price
Swagman RV RackBumper2 x 30 lbsCheck Price
Quick Products RackBumper2 x 30 lbsCheck Price
Surco Ladder RackLadder2 x 35 lbsCheck Price
Swagman Ladder RackLadder2 x 35 lbsCheck Price
Kuat Sherpa 2.0Hitch2 x 40 lbsCheck Price
Rocky Mounts BackstageHitch2 x 30 lbsCheck Price
Swagman Spare RackAround the Spare2 x 30 lbsCheck Price
Hollywood RacksAround the Spare2 x 35 lbsCheck Price
Futura GP RackA-Frame2 x 40 lbsCheck Price
Lippert ComponentsA-Frame2 x 40 lbsCheck Price

1. Swagman Bumper RV Rack

Swagman RV Bike Bumper Rack
Photo Credit : Swagman

Affordable Heavy Duty Bike Racks

In recent years, Swagman has made a name for itself for designing and building affordable, high quality bike racks. The Swagman Bumper RV Rack is made of steel and carries up to two bikes. 

Installation is via 4 U-bolts that attach to your RV’s rear bumper. This rack works with 4” to 4.5” square bumpers. Once installed, just slide your bikes into the wheel holders and you’re ready to go. 

A vertical metal bar in the center of the rack provides additional support. Varying sizes of wheel slots make this rack compatible with a variety of wheel, tire and frame sizes. 

At a low price point for a bike rack, the Swagman Bumper RV Rack offers excellent value. 

2. Quick Products RV Bike Rack

Quick Products RV Bumper-Mounted Bike Rack
Photo Credit : Quick Products

Simple Installation and Easy to Use

What’s not to like about this 2-bike bumper rack from Quick Products, a company that designs accessories and products for RVs? 

Installation is a breeze. Just attach its two platform mounts via the included four u-bolts to any 4” to 4.5” square RV bumper. Steel construction enables the rack to carry bikes up to 30 lbs each. 

Loading your bikes is easy. Just drop the wheels into the slotted tire wells, which vary in width to accommodate most types of bikes. It’ll carry mountain bikes with wheel sizes up to 29”. However, it will not accommodate a fat-tire bike. 

The mount is also adjustable to fit a variety of different frame sizes. As one of the least expensive RV bike racks you can find, Quick Products RV 2-Bike rack offers incredible value.

3. Surco Ladder Bike Rack

Surco Ladder Mounted Bike Rack
Photo Credit : Surco

Take Full Advantage of Your RV's Ladder to Carry the Bikes

This ladder bike rack from Surco, a company that has been designing and manufacturing all manner of racks and carriers for vehicles since the 1970s, will let you take advantage of the roof ladder mounted to the back of your RV by enabling you to mount two bikes to it. 

This ladder rack, made from heavy-duty aluminum, includes two j-shaped bars that attach to your RV’s roof ladder. Bikes mount to the rack by hanging vertically, supported by the downtubes, which are cradled by the rack’s two arms. 

Worried about having to install and uninstall the arms every time you need to climb up the ladder? Don’t be. 

The arms fold out when not in use, giving you a clear path to your RV’s roof. The Surco ladder bike rack is compatible with ladders with only 1” tube ladders.

4. Swagman Ladder RV Bike Rack

Swagman Ladder RV Bike Rack
Photo Credit : Swagman

A Simple to Use Ladder Bike Rack that Won't Break the Bank

Swagman’s answer to the ladder RV bike rack is a simple-to-use system that won’t break the bank. 

The rack mounts quickly to your RV’s ladder using two hooks. No tools are required, and it fits most ladder shapes and sizes. The hook mounts make for a convenient uninstall when the rack is not in use or when you need to use the ladder for its intended purpose, climbing to the roof of your RV. 

4 rubber cradles with straps hold your bike in place by its down tube without damaging its finish. Reflectors at the end of each arm add a safety element while thick foam bumpers on the ladder bars protect your RV’s paint job. 

Constructed from light-weight aluminum, the Swagman Ladder RV bike rack has a capacity of 35 lbs per bike.

5. Kuat Sherpa 2.0

Kuat Racks Sherpa Bike Rack
Photo Credit : Kuat

Great Features from A Top Brand in Bike Racks

The Kuat Sherpa 2.0 is a top of the line platform bike rack from Kuat, a pioneer and innovator in platform racks. This rack is loaded with great features. 

It holds up to two bikes via twin trays that lock your bike into place using a ratchet system that firmly holds each bike’s front tire. Rear straps hold your rear tires in place. An integrated locking system keeps your bike secure. Although this feature may not be as useful on an RV, a foot-operated tilt feature allows you to lower the bikes even if your hands are full. 

And, perhaps the coolest feature of all, is the ability to fold the Kuat Sherpa flat against your vehicle when not in use. With its high-gloss metallic finish and sleek looks, this rack is sure to turn heads at the campground. Just be prepared to pay for all that quality and style. 

The Kuat Sherpa 2.0 is one of the most expensive options on the market.

6. Rocky Mounts Backstage

Rocky Mounts Swing Away Hitch Bike Rack
Photo Credit : Rocky Mounts

Gain Complete Access to Your Rear With the Bikes Mounted

The Rocky Mounts Backstage is designed to swing your bikes completely away from the rear of your vehicle, giving you complete access to the rear of your RV while the bikes are still being carried. This is an excellent feature for anyone who has ever been frustrated by the lack of vehicle access that rear mount bike racks allow. 

Two bikes drop into wheel cradles and are held in place by two locking arms. The Rocky Mounts Backstage can carry bikes ranging in wheel size from 20” to 29” with tire thicknesses up to 5”. 

When not in use, the it folds up horizontally and sticks out just one foot from the rear of your RV. A locking hitch pin and cable lock keep your bikes and the rack secure.

7. Swagman Around the Spare Bike Rack

Swagman RV Around the Spare Bike Rack
Photo Credit : Swagman

Wide Compatibility with Most Spare Tires

Don’t want to limit access to your roof ladder? 

Don’t have a trailer hitch on your RV? 

This affordable rack from Swagman allows you to mount up to two bikes around the spare tire on the back of your RV. This rack attaches to a 4” to 4.5” steel bumper. Two steel arms hold up to two bikes with a total weight capacity of 60 lbs. 

Anti-sway rubberized cradles keep your bikes from bumping together while in transit while rubber straps keep them secured to the rack. With a price point that’s on the lower end of RV bike racks, Swagman’s Around the Spare rack offers great value.

8. Hollywood Racks Spare Tire Rack

Hollywood Racks Spare Tire Rack Bike Rack
Photo Credit : Hollywood Racks

A Great Option for Jeep Wranglers

You have to have a bumper, ladder, or trailer hitch to mount a bike rack on your RV, right? 

Not neccessarily. 

This rack from Hollywood Racks, a company that specializes in a wide variety of bike racks, only requires a spare tire. 

Installation and removal is a breeze with no tools required. Steel arms wrap tightly and firmly around your spare. An additional strap extends around the circumference of the tire to keep the rack securely in place. 

Two arms support your bike’s frame with rubberized cradles while rubber straps keep it securely attached to the rack. The support arms fold down when not in use. This Hollywood spare tire rack will hold bikes weighing up to 35 lbs. 

It’s even adjustable to suit RVs that have off-centered spares.

9. Futura GP A-Frame Bike Rack

Futura GP RV A-Frame Bike Rack
Photo Credit : Futura GP

Keep Your Bikes In Sight with this A-Frame Rack

Worried about having your expensive bikes riding on the back of your RV?

Hate wondering if they’re still there as you rumble down the road? 

This trailer tongue bike rack from Futura will give you the peace of mind you’re looking for. This A-frame bike rack mounts to your RV’s trailer tongue. 

Lightweight aluminum bars securely hold up to two bike’s aloft, and most importantly, keep them in full view from your rearview mirror. Each bike rests in 2-wheel cradles with rubberized hooks holding them in place by the top tube. 

Weight capacity for the Futura GP is 45 lbs. per bike. It’s compatible with wheel sizes ranging from 20” to 30” with tire widths up to 2.5”. Security is provided via an integrated padlock system.

10. Lippert Components Jack-It

Let's Go Aero A-Frame Bike Rack
Photo Credit : Lippert Components

Carry Your Bikes With Peace of Mind Especially on Bumpy Roads

The Lippert Components bike carrier is one of the more innovative designs you’ll find in RV bike racks. This rack attaches to the tongue jack on the trailer’s a-frame. Why? 

Lippert Components, which has been designing and building trailers, cargo carriers and bicycle racks since 1998, says this is the softest part of the trailer, meaning your bike will be less subjected to the bumps and bounces of the road. 

V-shaped arms support your bike by the wheels. Rubber straps wrap around the wheels, holding them securely and preventing swaying. And because it uses the wheels instead of the frame to hold the bike, the Jack-it rack fits all bike sizes.

Types of Bike Racks for RVs

1. Bumper Racks

RV Bumper Bike Rack

RV bumpers offer an excellent place for a bike rack. 

Bumper racks attach to a square rear bumper of an RV, creating a platform that secures the bikes at the wheels. 

Bumper bike racks, such as Quick Products RV bumper rack can typically hold up to two bikes. 

These racks are typically lower to the ground, making them easier to use. No overhead lifting here. 

Just be aware that bumper racks will add length to your RV. These racks also take longer to install and uninstall as they are typically held in place by multiple pieces of hardware.

2. Ladder Racks

RV Ladder Bike Rack

Roof ladders offer one of the quickest and most convenient ways for carrying bikes. 

Ladder bike racks such as the Swagman’s Ladder RV bike rack are easy to mount to your RV and can carry up to two bikes. 

Do be prepared to do some lifting. Because ladder mounts hold your bike vertically from its down tube, they do require some upper body strength in order to hoist your bike into place. 

Using a ladder mount rack also means you’ll be taking your roof ladder out of play while it’s in use.

3. Hitch Racks

A Tray Hitch Bike Rack

One of the most popular bike rack options on the RV market, the hitch rack attaches to the hitch receiver on the back of your RV. Hitch racks can also be used for cars and SUV’s.

Racks for hitch mounts come in a wide variety of options ranging from arm mounts, which hold your bike’s frame, to platform mounts, which cradle your bike via its wheels. 

Most hitch racks allow you to hold up to two bikes. As with bumper racks, keep in mind that hitch racks will add length to your vehicle. There are some higher-end racks, including Kuat’s Sherpa 2.0, that will fold up when not in use. 

4. Around the Spare

Around the Spare Bike Rack

Another popular way of storing bikes on an RV is spare racks. 

These bike racks attach to or around the spare tire on your RV. Similar to arm racks, these style bike racks hold your bikes by the top tube. 

Just keep in mind that your spare tire is already sticking out from the back of the RV, meaning a bike rack will add even more length. 

5. A-Frame (Trailer Tougue)

A-Frame Bike Rack

Want to keep the back of your RV free for towing a car or keeping additional cargo? 

Then A-frame racks might be more your style. 

A-frame style racks are mounted to the trailer tongue of trailer RVs, carrying your bike in the space between your camper and the pickup truck towing it. 

Compatibility can be an issue here as not all trailer tongues are the same, making it difficult to find an A-frame style rack that fits your bike. That said, these racks offer peace of mind. 

Unlike racks that attach to the posterior of your RV, A-frame racks allow for visibility of your bike while in transit. Your bike will also be less susceptible to bumps in the road on the trailer’s tongue than its back end.