The 9 Best Bicycle Saddle Bags in 2018

Items in a Saddle Bag

Picking the right bicycle saddle bag can be hard.

There are literally hundreds of bicycle saddle bags in the market today, and choosing one can be quite challenging. 

Don’t worry though, because I’m here to guide you how to get the right one and even provide options for an easier shopping.

If you want an easier life and lessen the chance of your time getting wasted, I’ve also provided a list of the best saddle bags. These range from premium ones to really budget friendly and value for money ones.

So there’s a good chance that your next purchase is right just below.

But before that, there are some things you'll need to consider before purchasing a saddle bag. Although you may already have an idea about they're, it’s vital that you understand them.

Important Things to Consider When Buying A Bicycle Saddle Bag

  • Materials Used

For me, the materials used to make saddle bag is a huge make or break. 

It’s extremely important to assess its quality and overall durability.

For one, I’d like to buy something that will last for a long time and if possible isn’t that pricey.

Secondly, I’d like to think that even if it rains, my things will still be okay. So it’s vital to have a water resistant, or better still waterproof saddle bag.

Today, most saddle bag are made of nylon, polyester, leather or sometimes synthetic rubber.

  • Nylon are known to be weatherproof, and can easily wick liquid. 
  • Polyester on the other hand are mostly acknowledged to be tear resistant, which guarantees that the saddle bag will last for a really long time.
  • Leather are mostly used on the saddle bag's exterior is also popular for their durability.
  • Synthetic rubber materials are also good for their rainproof capabilities. 
  • Storage Capacity
Things Inside A Bicycle Saddle Bag

Another significant point to consider is the storage capacity. 

You might not have realised it, but the overall capacity of a saddle bag is a big deal. An extra pocket is a huge bonus and may go a long way to help organize your stuffs.

Fortunately, a lot of saddle bag manufacturers make saddle bags in multiple sizes, so you can decide the right storage capacity for you.

Best Premium Bicycle Saddle Bags

1. Silca Premio Seat Roll

The Silca Seat Roll Premio looks nothing like a bicycle saddle bag. But, actually it is.

It has a BOA dial which helps to keep things tight and snug. There is a flexibility to micro-adjust the tightness accordinging to your liking.

It’s made with cotton canvas and is coated in hot-melt wax to make it waterproof.

2. Fizik 00 Saddle Bag

The Fizik 00 Saddle Bag is the modernized version of bicycle saddle bags.

From afar, it looks far from a saddle bag, but it can hold most of your essentials while you’re riding.

It's made out of thermoform construction that promises to be lightweight yet durable at the same time. To keep your things safe and dry, it features a waterproof closure system and rubberized zipper.

3. SpeedSleev Smuggler Carbon

The SpeedSleev Carbon Smuggler is available in colors of black carbon and blue variations. 

It has a small to medium capacity compared to its competitors. It deploys a minimalistic approach when it comes to design along with a double closure Velcro system to ensure a secure fit.

It’s made from water resistant nylon fabric which would keep your things dry for most of the time.

Best Value for Money Bicycle Saddle Bags

4. Scicon Elan 210 Saddle Bag

Are you trying not to spend too much money?

Then you’d love having the Scicon Elan 210 Saddle Bag.

Compared to others, this one is remarkably small, weighing just 38g. There is enough room for a set of tyre levers, multitool and a spare tube.

It uses a Velcro strap for a simple and easy mounting system.

5. Blackburn Central Micro Seat Saddle Bag

The Blackburn 2017 Central Micro Seat Saddle Bag is a good alternative if you’re on a budget. 

It's small and compact, weighing just 68g and made of 600D polyester.

It has enough room for a spare tube and a pair of tyre levers. There's also an interior pocket in case you'd want to separate your stored stuffs.

6. Lezyne Road Caddy

Despite its affordable price, the Lezyne Road Caddy Bicycle Seat Bag is packed with remarkable features you wouldn’t want to miss.

This is a waterproof and very durable saddle bag made of high-grade nylon fabrics. It uses a thick and strong velcro strap for mounting below your saddle.

There's also an internal pocket for you to keep your keys and other smaller stuffs.

Best Large Sized Bicycle Saddle Bags

7. Arundel Dual Seat Bag

Arundel sells their Dual Seatbag in 6 color options, namely: black, grey, yellow, blue, pink and red.

The name pretty much says it all, the dual in its name means it has enough room for 2 tubes, 2 CO2 canisters and tire levers and other essentials you’ll need for your bicycle. 

The overall body is made from nylon but, there’s an area in its body where is has a small leather patch for aesthetic purposes.

8. Castelli Undersaddle XL

Want a slightly larger saddle bag?

Then go for the Castelli 2017 Undersaddle bag.

This one isn’t your typical saddle bag because of its larger capacity. It can store multiple CO2 canisters, patches, spare tubes and many more.

To assure that your things are protected, it uses wheel-spray and covered zipper. If you’re in for a long bike ride, you might want to consider this saddle bag.

9. Topeak Aero Wedge Pack

The Aero Wedge Pack is another Topeak product you’ll surely love.

It’s made from a durable 1200D polyester that features water-wicking capabilities. It's compartments expandable when you need extra storage space. With an overall capacity of 1.97L, you won't run out of space for all the things you carry along for a long ride.

To ensure your safety at night, it also includes a 3M reflective strip and a mount for your rear lights.