Best Water Bottles Cages : Top Picks for Cyclists in 2021

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Looking for water bottle cages for your bike?

You’d probably seen that there are many bottle cage options out there today with everything ranging from cheap plastic to lightweight carbon fiber, durable steel, and titanium.

The question is, which one should you get?

Well, it all depends on few things such as the type of bike you’re riding, be it road, gravel, mountain, time trial, or even a classic steel/titanium bike.

There are bottle cages that will look good on each of these bikes.

A Quick Glance : Our Favorite Water Bottle Cages

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Value for Money Bottle Cages

Elite Custom Race

Made in Italy, the Elite Custom Race is constructed from reinforced fiberglass, making it light and durable. 

It weighs 41g, and that’s why it is popular amongst pro cycling teams. 

Rubber tensioners are used to hold your water bottles snugly to avoid flying bottles which could be a hazard if you are riding in a peloton.

Apart from that, it is very affordable and offers you a wide variety of colors to choose from so that you can match your bike’s color.

Arundel Sport

This is a simpler version of its carbon siblings, Arundel Dave-O.

It is made from nylon reinforced plastic. Arundel’s goal when they were designing this bottle cage was to make an exceptional cage, which performs well in different conditions. 

It is not too heavy as compared to other bottle cages, weighing 50g. This bottle cage holds your bottle tightly and does not emit any rattling sound as you are riding your bike. 

It has two sets of mounting holes, giving you the option to fit the bottle cage in two different positions.

Road Bike Bottle Cages

Elite Vico

For starters, the Elite Vico is available in 10 different colors. 

The bottle retention system is more concentrated on the bottom parts. Arms are located in the lower part of the cage and if you are not keen enough you might end up missing the insertion point. 

It weighs 23g, which is considered super lightweight due to the carbon fiber materials used. The grip is tight, making it harder to access a water bottle, especially at high speeds. 

Bottle accessibility can get easier with continuous usage overtime.

Blackburn Chamber

If you are a serious weight weenie, the Blackburn Chamber carbon cage might be a good choice. 

It weighs only 30g and is available in a wide array of colors and finishes. 

The arms are stiff and reinforced to ensure maximum bottle grip. You won’t experience any rattling movements or sound on rough and gravel roads. 

For easier bottle removal and insertion especially at high speeds, it is designed with a flared mouth, which saves you from looking down when taking a sip of water.

Gravel and Mountain Bike Bottle Cages

Silca Sicuro

The Silca Sicuro is another hand-made titanium bottle cage that weighs only 29g.

Screws used to mount this cage to the right position are also made from low-profile titanium and weighs 1.5g. 

Due to the material used in this cage’s construction, your bottle will be securely held even on the roughest roads.

You can easily change the bottle cage’s position to suit you because it has an adjustment mounting that moves through a distance of 16mm.  

Elite Ciussi

Made from an aluminium alloy, the Elite Ciussi bottle cage weighs only 48g. It is durable and light.

It holds a water bottle snugly, especially when riding on uneven roads. 

You can use the anti-slip buttons, which are made from rubber to tightly secure your bottle and prevent it from slipping. 

This bottle cage can be bent slightly to accommodate bottles of varying width. It is affordable and looks good especially on classic bikes.

Time Trial (TT) Bike Bottle Cages

Xlab Delta 425

Made from stainless steel, the Xlab Delta 425 cage is both durable and stiff. 

Its sleek design saves you from unusual drag force that is often exerted on other cages. Plus, it’s adjustable because you can tilt it to any angle for easy accessibility. 

Shock-absorbing properties prevent vibrations from passing through to the bike frame. Your bottle is held steadily and secure in one position. 

It weighs 165g, which is quite heavy as compared to other seat-mounted cages.

Profile Design RM-L

Due to its dual-position adjustability feature, you can install this bottle cage to either hold one or two bottles. 

It is made from aluminum and was purposefully designed to be used on time trial bikes. 

So if you are a triathlete this might be a perfect choice for you. Mounting it is quite easy because it is made to fit perfectly on triathlon bike saddles. 

It is not recommended to be used for off-road riding as the grip is not tight enough to hold your bottles in a secure position.

Side Load Bottle Cages

Lezyne Side Load Flow

This Lezyne bottle cage comes as a set of 2. One is left-sided, while the other is right-sided. 

It is available in 2 colors; black and white, and it is made from plastic. 

It is made from reinforced carbon fiber to increase durability and weighs in at 48g.

The side entry makes water bottle accessibility easier. The grip is tight and secure due to the inward bends, which distributes the water bottle’s weight evenly on the cage.

Blackburn Wayside

The Blackburn Wayside bottle cage can be installed either facing the left side or the right side. It is available in 5 different colors; white, orange, red, black, and green, giving you a wide variety to choose from.

For easier bottle-access, this cage has angled arms, which also hold your bottle tightly. 

Smaller sized frames, such as women-specific bikes that have minimal space due to a lower standover height and compact geometries can be fitted with this cage because it occupies less space when installed.