Top E-Bike Brands : Our Picks and Where to Buy

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In recent years, electric bikes have exploded on the market. That’s a good thing for people looking for eclectic options that allow them to ride longer on the trails or get into work without breaking a sweat.

But the growth in this segment of cycling has also made it difficult to hone in on a single brand and find the right bike for you. So, we’ve done the research for you and came up with, what we think are the leading brands in this space.

Here are 15 of the leading e-bike brands in the market today.

Road E-Bike Brands


Specialized Logo
Photo Credit : Specialized
  • Founded : 1974
  • Origin : California, United States

Specialized has long been a brand known for top-of-the-line, traditional mountain and road bikes. But over the past few years, the California company has nearly perfected the e-bike, specifically road e-bikes.

While Specialized road e-bikes come with price tags, not for the faint of heart, you’re buying a bike with that incredible performance, durability, and style that Specialized has delivered for the past nearly five decades.

Specialized addresses three main concerns regarding its e-bikes; battery life, weight, and sound.

The Specialized Turbo Creo SL Comp E5 is the company’s most-affordable e-bike at $7,800. For that, you get a road e-bike that can assist you up to 80 miles and one that’s the lightest in its class by several kilograms.


Scott Logo
Photo Credit : Scott
  • Founded : 1958
  • Origin : Switzerland

When long-time European bike maker Scott started making road e-bikes, they were intentional not to make a bike that turned a difficult road biking into this leisurely ride.

Instead, the company’s small lineup of road e-bikes gives you a gentle nudge of power from the back when it detects you need it, but it’s not going to carry the load of intense hills in your workout.

The company’s flagship road e-bike, the Scott Addict eRIDE, feels like it’s actually designed to reward you with the occasional boost for putting in an honest effort.

Like many road e-bikes, Scott’s models can help aging cyclists keep up with younger crowds. What separates this company from the pack is that it doesn’t compromise good, old-fashioned hard work.


Orbea Logo
Photo Credit : Orbea
  • Founded : 1840
  • Origin : Spain

When it comes to road e-bikes, none may be as tech-savvy or as attractive looking as the Orbea Gain. The Spanish bike maker has a rich history of delivering beautiful road bikes, and its entrance into the e-bike world didn’t skip a beat.

Orbea’s bike is based around the Enough Power concept, which means the 36V-250W-powered motor provides just enough pedaling assistance to allow you to focus on form and improve your ride.

The bike’s torque simulation algorithm matches power input per pedal stroke to generate more power when it’s not needed. In other words, you put in the work on the roads, and the bike rewards you when you need it most.

E-MTB Brands


Trek logo
Photo Credit : Trek
  • Founded : 1975
  • Origin : Wisconsin, United States

When you think of mountain bikes, the famous Trek brand certainly comes to mind. So, it should come as no surprise that Trek has established itself as a top brand for e-mountain bikes.

Trek’s e-mountain bike lineup doesn’t come cheap, but the technology built into these bikes allows you to seamlessly extend your trail rides while not sacrificing the parts of mountain biking that you love.

The Bosch Performance Line CX motor found in Trek’s Rail 9 e-mountain bike, for instance, features an intelligent mode that automatically adjusts the amount of assist for the terrain you’re riding on.

So, after ripping down some technical terrain, you can expect to make it back up the mountain much quicker.


Cannondale logo
Photo Credit : Cannondale
  • Founded : 1971
  • Origin : Connecticut, United States

Cannondale is known for pushing the limits of mountain bike designs, so it’s no surprise that their e-mountain bike lineup also features some unique features that set it apart from the competition.

Cannondale e-mountain bikes, like the Cannondale Moterra Neo, are really designed for mountain bikers who want to tackle the steepest of mountains and the most technical of trails.

Powered by a long-lasting 625Wh PowerTube battery and the super lightweight Bosch Performance line CX drive unit, Cannondale’s most premium e-mountain bikes are capable of delivering more than just a quick boost of power. When you need to get up a mountain fast, these bikes deliver.


Focus Logo
Photo Credit : Focus
  • Founded : 1992
  • Origin : Germany

The German bike maker Focus strives for three elements when building the latest mountain bikes; passion, performance, and perfection.

At first glance, you can’t really tell these full-suspension mountain bikes actually have a battery and drive unit built-in for that extra assistance for all-day riding. And Focus really sticks by its promise of all-day riding. Their lineup of e-mountain bikes has an industry-leading range of 127 miles on a single charge.

Need some juice just for going up the mountain? No problem when exclusive climb assist. Don’t want to worry about shifting? Shift-sensor technology handles that. Even better, more entry-level models are starting in the mid $2,000s, which makes Focus a very appealing brand for first-time e-mountain bike riders.

Cargo E-Bike Brands


Tern Logo
Photo Credit : Tern
  • Founded : 2011
  • Origin : Taiwan

Zippy. Tough. Reliable.

That’s how Taiwanese bike maker Tern’s line up of e-cargo bikes has been described.

The brand got into the cargo e-bike game a few years ago and quickly established itself as a go-to company for those who need to get around town with their small child and still have enough room for a bag of groceries if necessary.

There’s plenty to like about Tern’s lineup of e-cargo bikes, which now stands at 11 different models today.

They accommodate riders of all sizes. The battery gives enough power assistance to last 155 miles on a single charge (if you have a second battery installed). And the included Schwalbe flat-resistant tires make punctures a thing of the past.

Riesse & Muller

Riesse & Muller Logo
Photo Credit : Riesse & Muller
  • Founded : 1993
  • Origin : Germany

Off-road tires? Full suspension? Mudguards? You’d expect to find these on an SUV, but German bike maker Riese & Muller has incorporated these features and more into their impressive lineup of cargo e-bikes.

The brand has designed an incredible cargo e-bike that’s perfect for quick errands into town. And if you want to take the shortcut through the woods and over some gravel trails, it can handle those, too. So, also add versatile to the list of words that describe these cargo bikes.

For what you get, these bikes are competitively priced and replace the need for a car, especially if you live in a small town. With a standard 500Wh Bosch Dual Battery, you can depend on that extra boost through most of the day.

Urban Arrow

Urban Arrow Logo
Photo Credit : Urban Arrow
  • Founded : 2010
  • Origin : Amsterdam, Holland

When you’re a bike maker in Amsterdam, you have to deliver a stellar product, especially when it comes to cargo bikes.

Urban Arrow cargo e-bikes are designed for smart urban mobility. Whether you have a family of three kids to take to school or need to pick up the groceries for the week after work, the company has a bike that works for your needs.

Starting at $6,000, Urban Arrow makes one of the most affordable cargo e-bikes on the market today. The saddles are big and comfy, and the suspension makes for a smooth ride, but the battery life might be lacking a bit at roughly 30 miles on a single charge, depending on your lifestyle and needs.

Folding E-Bike Brands

Bike Friday

Bike Friday Logo
Photo Credit : Bike Friday
  • Founded : 1992
  • Origin : Oregon, United States

If weight is your main concern when shopping for a folding e-bike, the folks at Bike Friday have figured out how to keep things extremely light.

The Bike Friday PakIt weighs in at 15lbs, making it one of the lightest foldable e-bikes on the market. Even better, these bikes can fold up enough to fit inside a backpack, making it a great option for those who need to ride to a train or subway stop and pack up for the day.

Bike Friday is known for its smaller, 16” wheels, which helps keep things compact. That could lead to a slightly bumpier ride, though. 

These bikes start at an affordable $1,000 price point, but an electric motor will cost you extra.


Swagtron Logo
Photo Credit : Swagtron
  • Founded : 2015
  • Origin : Indiana, United States

Once best known for hoverboards, the company has developed an impressive lineup of foldable e-bikes at a great price.

Swagtron’s lineup of folding e-bikes is perfect for urban commuters. The highest-end model, the EB7, features a 7-speed gear shift and an electric motor with a throttle-only range of 20 miles, meaning you don’t even need to pedal. That single-charge range is at a top speed of 18.6mph.

You can use the motor as a pedal-assist to save on power when you come up to a big hill. If you need to recharge at the office, you don’t have to worry about it taking the entire day. You can charge the battery from nothing to 100% in about four hours.


Brompton Logo
Photo Credit : Brompton
  • Founded : 1976
  • Origin : United Kingdom

British bike manufacturer has established itself as a leader when it comes to folding e-bikes that are ultralight and ultra-compact. The low-to-the-ground frames may take some getting used to, but once you’re up and running, you’ll experience your city in an entirely different way.

The intelligent pedal assist is a big selling point of these bikes, giving riders just the right amount of boost to tackle a tricky hill in the city. You’ll appreciate that boost when you walk into your office, not out of breath or drenching in sweat.

And when you get in, the bike folds up to a level that allows you to store it under your desk easily. 

Brompton bikes are more premium than the competition, starting at around $3,500.

Commuter E-Bike Brands

Rad Power Bikes

Rad Power Bikes Logo
Photo Credit : Rad Power Bikes
  • Founded : 2015
  • Origin : California, United States

Founded in the garage of a small Northern California town, Rad Power Bikes has exploded into a leader of commuter e-bikes over the past few years thanks to its competitive prices and impressive durability.

Most of the e-bikes in the company’s lineup come with a great battery life that offers a 20-45 mile range, depending on how you use the bike.

The RadCity 4 bike is really the epitome of a great commuter e-bike, with its 750W motor and 48V lithium-ion battery that gives you 45 miles worth of juice on a single charge. It also includes regenerative braking to recharge the battery when the levers are engaged.

As a bonus, these commuter e-bikes feature puncture-resistant tires.

Giant Bikes

Giant Bikes Logo
Photo Credit : Giant
  • Founded : 1972
  • Origin : Taiwan

As one of the big three, Giant Bikes has long been established as one of the world’s largest bike makers and is known for its robust lineup of mountain and road bikes. So, it should come as no surprise that the company was actually the first to introduce in-frame battery packs.

The company’s most popular commuter e-bike, the Giant Quick-E+, is perfect for trekking into work but can also get you across that dirt or gravel shortcut in a pinch. And it’s going to get you from point A to point B fast with a pedal-assisted speed of 28mph.

The battery on this bike is heavier, so if weight is important to you, it might be a bit too much.

Electric Bike Company

Electric Bike Company Logo
Photo Credit : Electric Bike Company
  • Founded : 2014
  • Origin : California, United States

You can immediately identify a commuter e-bike built by California-based Electric Bike Company when you see the retractable cord in the battery that allows you to charge on the go, and then hide the cord again.

Over the past six years, the company has created a lineup of commuter e-bikes that resemble comfortable beach cruisers with step-through frames and bold colors.

Pricing wise, you can’t go wrong with Electric Bike Company, which packs its bikes with features.

I really like the thumb throttle, which makes motor-assisted riding super easy and safe. The battery also touts an impressive range of up to 140 miles on a single charge. As a bonus, you can completely customize the color and accessories to your likings.

Chris Ireland

Chris Ireland

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