7 Bike Shows Every Cyclist Would Love to Attend

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The bike expo is one event that every cyclist should attend at least once. It’s an opportunity for you to learn about and test out some of the newest products on the market.

There will be brands showcasing everything from high-end carbon bikes to aftermarket accessories, components and clothing. You’ll also have plenty of opportunities for clinics on maintenance tips or tricks that might help you get more miles out of your old bike.

There will be something for everyone here.

So which are the ones that worth attending?

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Eurobike bike show

Date : 1 to 4 September 2021
Location : Baden-Württemberg, Germany

When it comes to bike expos, there are none bigger than Eurobike.

Held annually in Germany since 1991, Eurobike draws nearly 50,000 people from 100 countries, in addition to more than 20,000 fans of cycling on the public day. Simply put, if you’re a bike enthusiast, you need to add Eurobike to your bucket list.

The show is so popular because it features literally every single bike brand on the market. If you’re a small startup bike manufacturer, you want to be at Eurobike to introduce your concept to the masses. If you’re a large, established brand, like Trek, you need Eurobike to unveil your new offerings for the year.

As a fan of cycling, you can take it all in by watching demos and presentations, but also being able to physically touch and potentially ride some of the newest bicycles on the planet.

A big component of Eurobike is the awards. Bike companies that walk away with a Eurobike Award are going home with a seal of approval from the industry that their company or a specific product is top-notch and worth checking out.

Sea Otter Classic

Sea Otter Classic bike show

Date : 7 to 10 October 2021
Location : Monterey, California

The Sea Otter Classic is more than a bike show. It’s a massive festival that has drawn tens of thousands of cycling fans over the past 30 years.

In addition to an expo that shows off the latest cycling gear, there’s also a super-popular racing event where some of the top athletes in the sport compete over a range of events, including enduro, cross country and road races.

There’s plenty to love about this bike show. For starters, it’s located in beautiful Monterey, California, which features incredible biking opportunities with breathtaking views. In addition to checking out the show and taking in the races, you can schedule curated scenic rides organized by festival officials.

When it comes to the show, pretty much every bike brand on the planet has a presence at the Sea Otter Classic. Those brands will show off their latest bikes, cycling gear, and apparel, and answer questions from industry journalists and consumers.

Several attendees opt to camp the week of the show, which makes the week-long event even more special. While many park their van and pitch some tents, others rent an RV for the week to make their camping experience a bit more luxurious.

Taipei International Cycle Show

Taipei Int’l Cycle Show​

Date : 3 to 6 March 2021
Location : Online due to COVID-19 Pandemic

While Asia’s largest bike show has looked different in 2020 and 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s still a must-attend show for cycling gear heads who are craving the latest and greatest bikes.

More than 230 exhibitors from around the globe fly to Taipei for the show. That includes about 47 bike and e-bike brands, 75 accessory and apparel makers, and 111 parts and tools exhibitors.

In addition to seeing the market’s latest bikes, one of the main highlights of the show is a design and innovation contest where bike creators flex their creative musicals to the max. The end result is some extremely artistic (and unique!) bikes that are truly beautiful.

Professional cyclists from the region tend to be on hand to demonstrate new bikes and gear, and the public has a chance to ride around on some of the courses and tracks set up inside the Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall.

As a bonus, the bike show tends to coincide with the Taipei International Sporting Goods Show and Taipei International Diving and Water Sports Show.

Sea Otter Europe

Sea Otter Europe Bike Show

Date : 24 to 26 September 2021
Location : Girona, Spain

Thanks to the success of the Sea Otter Classic in California, organizers launched Sea Otter Europe, a similar event that takes place on the coast of Spain.

The expo is a great way to see the latest bikes and cycling gear from some of the hottest brands, especially those across Europe. But the real treat is three days of cycling competition in a country where the climate is warm, the restaurants are bike friendly and the roads are packed with bicyclists.

Another unique facet of Sea Otter Europe is the ability to buy bikes. Of course, some of these bikes are rather expensive. To that end, event organizers struck a partnership with Cetelem to offer consumer loans with more favorable conditions, potentially allowing a show attendee to purchase the bike of their dreams.

If you love cycling and want to check Spain off your vacation bucket list, you definitely need to attend Sea Otter Europe.

Handmade Bicycle Show Australia

Handmade Bicycle Show Australia​

Date : 7 to 9 May 2021
Location : Melbourne, Australia

Cycling is a sport and an art. To celebrate the art side of many people’s favorite hobby and form of exercise, organizers created the Handmade Bicycle Show. The annual show celebrates the finest bespoke bicycles in Australia and other parts of the world, in addition to top apparel and components.

This show feels more high end and classy than other bike shows on this list. You can mingle with legendary bike designers. Test ride new bikes that cost five figures. And there’s plenty of great food options. Your entry comes with a complimentary beer or wine as you walk in to check out the exhibits for the day.

If they’re a leading custom bike maker, chances are very high that they’re attending the Handmade Bicycle Show in Australia. From brands like Chimera Frameworks and Woods Bicycle Co., to Moots and Fikas Bikes, attending this show will allow you to be up close with some of the most unique bicycles in the world.

First launched in 2017, the show is still relatively new. Organizers have made a number of refinements over the years, which means 2021 should be its best show yet.


ASEAN Bike show

Date : Postponed until 2022 due to COVID-19 Pandemic
Location : Southeast Asia

As the biggest show in Southeast Asia, ASEAN Bike is well organized and fun to attend as Eurobike because the same organizers put on the show.

Like Eurobike, hundreds of exhibitors fill the show floor, but the products are a little different.

Eurobike shows off a wide range of bikes, from more affordable models to super expensive ones. The ASEAN region has proven to be a promising market for higher-end bicycles, which is why this trade show caters to those types of bikes.

The show launched in 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand, and unfortunately had to be canceled in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Organizers decided to cancel it in 2021 in hopes of returning to a normal trade show in 2022. Other possible locations in Southeast Asia to host the show include Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, and Myanmar.

So, if you have expensive tastes in bicycles and want to see an exquisite part of the world, go check out ASEAN Bike.

China Cycle

China Cycle bike show

Date : 5 to 8 May 2021
Location : Shanghai, China

From the organizers of Eurobike, China Cycle is China’s largest bike show.

It’s also one of the longest running shows at more than 30 years old, only taking a break in 2020 due to the health crisis.

China Cycle sees more than 1,300 exhibitors across its expansive show floor. There are several awards presented at the show, allowing bike and accessory makers to validate their newest products by impressing a panel of judges.

You can also expect to see professional cyclists from China and other parts of the world.

China Cycle is more than an opportunity to see the world’s newest bikes. It’s also a chance to see China. If the country has been on your must-visit list, start planning for the 2021 show.