Elite Unveils the Rizer, An Indoor Cycling Gradient Simulator

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Elite Rizer Gradient Simulator

Elite has launched its first indoor cycling gradient simulator called the Elite Rizer.

A gradient simulator has a built-in motor that moves the front fork up/down depending on the virtual terrain one is riding in.

The Elite Rizer can simulate gradients from +20% inclines to -10% declines which put it right on par with the Wahoo Kickr Climb, which was first to the market in this product category. It’s both Bluetooth and ANT+ capable, making it compatible with indoor cycling apps such as Zwift.

What makes the Elite Rizer standout is the inclusion of the steering capabilities, similar to those found on the Elite Sterzo Smart, which was launched in the summer of 2020. Once the fork is mounted, it can be steered although the range is very limited and not as much as one would typically get on the road. At the moment, the steering functionality is only compatible with Zwift only.

The Rizer can also be controlled manually via the Rizer app which is available for iOS and Android. It’s compatible with QR, 12 x 100, 15 x 100, and 15 x 110 thru-axles. That would cover most bikes with the exception of fat bikes.

It measures 28.6″ x 13.5” x 15.,2” ( H x W x L).

Elite claims that the Rizer is compatible with the Elite XR, Direto XR-T, Suito, Suito-T, and Tuo indoor trainers. From our experience and observation, it’s also compatible with Wahoo Kickr trainers that were launched after the Kickr Climb, such as the Wahoo Kickr V5 (2020).

Pricing and Availability

The Elite Rizer retails for $1,099 and is available in the United States in the fall.

More info : Elite

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