Fulcrum Updates the Racing 4, 5 and 6 DB Wheelset Lineup

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Fulcrum Racing 4 5 and 6 DB Wheels
Photo Credit : Fulcrum

Italian wheelset maker Fulcrum has recently updated its Fulcrum Racing 4, 5 and 6 DB road wheels line up. The 4, 5, and 6 are Fulcrum Racing’ entry-level wheels with the Racing 3 and Zero making up the top-tiers.

The new disc brake wheelsets now have wider internal and external rim profiles to cater to the growing trend towards wider 25c and 28 road tires. They’re compatible with both clincher and tubeless tires with Fulcrum’s 2-Way Fit Technology. The aesthetics are also updated to give a cleaner and sleeker overall look.

Each model is made of an aluminum rim, hub, and hub flanges. The 24 stainless steel spokes are laced with a 2:1 ratio to provide maximum stiffness during acceleration and stability during hard braking.

The hubs are updated with 36 teeth and 10º of engagement for better acceleration. As with their predecessors, they still use sealed cartridge bearings. There are 3 variants, each for Shimano HG11, SRAM xDR, and Campagnolo N3W freehubs.

They’re the standard thru-axles and centerlock (AFS) disc compatible only.

  • Fulcrum Racing 4 DB inner and outer rim width measure 19mm and 24mm respectively with a 34mm rim depth. It weighs 1,710g.
  • Fulcrum Racing 5 DB now has a wider (+3mm) internal rim width at 20mm and 25mm external. The rim depth is 24mm and weighs 1,660g which is the lightest among the 3 models.
  • Fulcrum Racing 6 DB is the heaviest among all at 1,780g. It has an internal/external rim width of 20mm/25mm and a rim depth of 24mm (2mm shallower than its predecessor).

Pricing and Availability

Pricing for each model varies on the freehub models and is available at local Fulcrum dealers.

  • Fulrum Racing 4 DB : £449.99 (HG11), £449.99 (XDR), £449.99 (N3W)
  • Fulrum Racing 5 DB : £399.99 (HG11), £399.99 (XDR), £399.99 (N3W)
  • Fulrum Racing 6 DB : £339.99 (HG11), £339.99 (XDR), £339.99 (N3W)

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