Peaty’a Premium LinkLube Lasts 30% Longer in All Weather Conditions

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UK-based Peaty’s has launched a new chain lube that is longer lasting for riding in all weather conditions. Called the LinkLube Premium All-Weather, Peaty claimed that this lube lasts 30% longer than their regular lube.

The lube is made up of a blend between oil, wax, and non-toxic nanoparticles and designed exactly for UK’s mixed and wet weather conditions.

So how does Peaty back up its 30% improvement claim?

According to Peaty, they tested this indoors with Paralympic gold medalist, Steve Bate during the lockdown in 2020. He rode a total of 1,000 miles on the turbo trainer over 10 days using the Premium lube. 

The results showed that the Premium lube lasted for 500 miles before wearing out while the standard chain lube only lasted 380 miles.

That’s a 31.5% improvement!

About Peaty's

Started by a former downhill pro, Steve Peat, Peaty’s product lineup includes kits for cleaning, tubeless set up, protection, and chain lubes

Today they’re one of the sponsors for the World Tour team, Qhubeka-Assos.

Pricing and Availability

The LinkLube Premium All Weather is available at Peaty’s website in 60mL (£9.99) and 120mL (£15.99).

More info : Peaty’s

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