PRO Launches the Vibe Evo, A One Piece, Aero, and Integrated Handlebar

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PRO Vibe Evo Handlebar

PRO, the bike components brand for Shimano has released their top-of-line, carbon integrated handlebars. Called the PRO Vibe Evo Handlebar, it has been designed from the ground up with aerodynamics in mind and without the need for a handlebar tape

While the PRO Vibe Aero carbon handlebars have been around for a few years now, the PRO Vibe Evo takes things a step further with a futuristic design. Shimano claims that the new design is optimized for hydraulic disc brakes and Shimano Di2 cable routing, although it can also be used for semi-internal and traditional cable routing.

Suffice to say that the design will fit perfectly the much anticipated, yet-to-be-released new Shimano 12 speed groupset which some call the Shimano Dura Ace R9200 series. 

“We looked at the cockpit as a complete system, not just a handlebar and stem. We took into consideration the placement of brake/shift levers and how the shape of the handlebar could provide a more seamless transition for more comfort.

“There’s ergonomic features for comfortable riding all day long, aerodynamic features with the top shape, and a provision for holding an aerodynamic/pursuit position on the bike. Plus being a one-piece design, the handlebar is plenty stiff enough for all-out sprint efforts. This means the handlebar can suit a lot of different riders.”

“Finally the integration of the top grip is a unique way to offer comfort and control, while simultaneously keeping the aerodynamic profile and cutting down on the total system weight compared to using regular handlebar tape.”

“With the new Vibe Evo we are entering a new era for integrated cockpits that PRO has been offering for over 15 years.”

Mark Kikkert, Product Development Manager at PRO

The one feature that stands out is the bar top grips which is absent in other brands. Made of grippy rubber, they are easily replaceable and cover the rear section where most riders place their hands on.  

There are two options for the drops. Shimano says just one roll of wrap is enough. Alternatively, Shimano also made available the PRO Ergonomic Drop Grips which uses slide-on design, similar to a mountain bike handlebar grip. The drop grips will seamlessly transition under the brake hood for a cleaner aero profile.

PRO says that the PRO Vibe Evo Handlebar offers five hand positions; on the bar top, hoods, in pursuit position, and gripped at the corners. The pursuit position is where the hands are on the hoods while the forearms being horizontal. To accommodate this position comfortably, there is a small trough on the bars for the hands to rest on.

PRO Vibe Evo Handlebar

Made from T700 carbon monocoque, the PRO Vibe Evo Handlebar weighs 395g for a 38cm width and up to 410g for 42cm. They also feature a relatively compact design, with an 80mm reach, 132mm drop, and 5º flare across all models. It’s compatible with 1 ½” for the likes of Giant and Canyon bikes, and a 1 ¼” (via a shim) diameter steerer tube. The shim also adjusts the stem angle 2º in either direction.

For those that are looking for a clean bike computer mounting, there are two bosses underneath the stem that is compatible with most aftermarket brands available today.

There are nine combinations to choose from with handlebar widths of 38cm, 40cm, and 42cm (center to center) and three stem lengths (105mm, 115mm, and 125mm).

Pricing and Availability

The PRO Vibe Evo Handlebar retails for $600 and will be available from late July in Europe and globally from September onwards.

The PRO Ergonomic Drop Grips will retail for $35 and available from November.

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