Rotor Adds Q-Rings for Shimano GRX Cranksets

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Rotor Q-Rings for Shimano GRX
Photo Credit : Rotor USA

Rotor has released the long-awaited Q-ring chainrings for Shimano GRX cranksets. Known for producing oval chainrings, the market has waited quite a while for this GRX version. Oval chainring fans will now have more options when it comes to chainrings.

The GRX set up is a unique 4-bolt with 110mm and 80mm outer and inner BCD respectively. This makes other Q-ring models incompatible.

It features the same ovality as other Q-ring models at 12.5% and comes with dual chainrings. Choose from either a 46/30T or 48/31T set up based on your gravel riding style. There’s no news on a 1X set up as yet.

They’re designed to be used with Shimano or KMC’s 11-speed chains only.

The 46/30T and 48/31T weigh 123g and 149.5g respectively.

Pricing and Availability

As of writing, they’re in pre-order only with the 46/30T expected in July and 48/31T in August. 

Both retail at $165 and available at Rotor USA.

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