Light and Motion Urban 900 Commuter Combo Review

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Light and Motion Urban 900 Commuter Combo Lights

If you have the privilege of owning some of Light & Motion products, you’d agree with me that they make some of the best bike lights and accessories on the market.

I must admit, I’m always struck by how they’ve consistently improved on their lineup of bike lights.

The Light & Motion Urban 900 combo kit consists of the Urban 900 Longfin headlight and the Vis 180 Pro tail light.

At 900 lumens and 150 lumens, respectively, they will definitely keep you covered for all your riding needs, whether it’s commuting to work, group rides, or even in the trails.

Technical Specifications

  • Brightness : Front : 900 Lumens, Rear : 150 lumens
  • Light Modes : Front : High, Medium, Low, PulseRear (Front only), PaceLine (Rear only)
  • Weight : Front : 214g, Rear : 102g

Here are the important features of the Light and Motion Urban 900 Commuter Combo:

  • Powerful 900/150 lumens CREE LED that covers all your riding need
  • FL-1 Certified ensuring that these lights meet the widely accepted flashlight industry testing standards in terms of brightness, battery run time and durability.
  • Amber Sidelights for the headlights ensuring you’re visible especially when riding across intersections around urban areas.
  • Paceline Mode for the tail lights where the main LED turns off, while maintaining the side amber lights.
  • Water and Impact Resistance gives you a peace of mind when riding in harsh conditions.


  • High-quality performance and super bright combo bike light
    Simple tool-free mounting system for easy mounting
    Unique amber side lighting gives you a 360º of visibility


  • Long charging time – 5 to 6 hours
  • Bulky design and sits on the heavier compared to similar lights

Light Design

The Light and Motion Urban 900 Commuter Combo Kit still retains a similar style and size to its predecessor. If it ain’t broken, then don’t fix it. I guess that’s what they believe in.

They’re not the prettiest one out there in terms of design, nor the lightest.

In fact, they’re nowhere near. What makes this combo kit really stand out is its build quality. It’s both water and dustproof.

Light & Motion was the first flashlight company to have all their lights certified to the FL-1 standards.

Now, you might be thinking, what’s FL-1 and what is it good for.

FL-1: A flashlight industry standard that puts lights through rigorous testing procedures in terms of Brightness, Battery Run Time, and Durability (water/dustproof)


Both the head and tail lights use LEDs made by CREE who is the industry leader in LED technology. So you know you’re getting quality stuff here.

Light and Motion Urban 900 Light Modes

At 900 maximum lumens for the Light and Motion Urban 900 Headlights, it’s very bright.

It comes in 4 modes – High, Medium, Low, and Pulse to suit all your riding conditions.

The Light and Motion Urban 900 beats its competitor’s hands down by featuring an amber side light that ensures you can be seen by other drivers, especially at intersections.

Light and Motion Vis 180 Light Modes

The one thing about the Vis 180 Tail Lights that stood out is the Paceline Mode.

This feature turns the main red LEDs off, leaving the side Amber light on. This is very useful if you’re riding in the peloton to avoid blinding the rider behind you with powerful red flashes.

Mounting Options

You have 2 options when mounting the Urban 900 headlights. Besides the standard round handlebar mounting, a GoPro mount is also included in the box.

After swapping out the standard handlebar mount, you can mount the headlights anywhere as you would mount your GoPro, either on your helmet or below your GPS unit.

Light and Motion Urban 900 Commuter Combo
  • Brightness
  • Ease of Use
  • Size & Weight
  • Durability

Buy This If...

If you’re a serious commuter, I recommend that you look no further than this combo kit. The design is not the best looking out there, nor its size or weight. But nothing beats its quality and performance. You definitely can’t go wrong with this.

Where to Buy

The Light and Motion Urban 900 Commuter Combo set is available at the online stores below:

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