Vulpine Harrington Rain Jacket Review

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Vulpine Harrington Rain Jacket

The Harrington-styled jackets have been around since the 1930s. It wasn’t until the 1960s that the design got its Harrington name from a prime-time soap opera, Peyton Place where the character Rodney Harrington was often seen wearing the same style jackets.

So, when Vulpine, an urban cycling clothing brand got in touch to review their Harrington Rain Jacket, I agreed. I was looking forward to seeing how they adapt this classic jacket for cycling.

For those new to Vulpine, they are based in the UK and make a range of stylish commuter clothing and accessories for cyclists.

Technical Specifications

  • Fabric Material : Epic™ Cotton ( 40% Cotton, 30% Polyester, 30% EME Lycra T400)
  • Water-resistant : Yes
  • Wind-resistant : Yes
  • Pockets : 4 (2 front, 1 chest, 1 back)

Who is it For?

The Vulpine Harrington Rain Jacket is for urban commuter cyclists who want to look good, both on and off the bike.

It’s wind and water-resistant and would be ideal in the spring and autumn.


  • Stylish design and attention to detail, especially in the fit, pockets, and zippers.
  • Quality materials. The cotton materials felt durable and look like they will last for years.


  • Price tag. The high price tag is not the faint-hearted.

At first glance, the Vulpine Harrington Rain Jacket looks smart, stylish with zero branding. Quality-wise, it felt like a jacket that will last for years.

The Epic cotton material is thick and durable and looked like it will withstand the wet weather conditions it’s meant for.

Versatile Across Weather Conditions

I wore the jacket in cold weather conditions from as low as 5ºC and my body remained warm and comfortable. For such low temperatures, I had a base layer and merino jersey underneath. Besides, the fleece-lined cuffs and collar also provided some extra warmth around the neck on really cold days.

I find the jacket performs best between 10 to 20ºC with a single layer underneath. Anything above 20ºC would be too warm inside for me.

There are large air vents across the back to aid with breathability. As the materials are on the thicker side, it’s not ideal for long or hard rides but more suited towards casual and shorter ones.

The water-resistant outer layers held up well during light to medium showers. It was very satisfying to watch the rainwater beading and fall off completely from the surface.

One area of improvement is to have the rear flaps slightly longer to protect the back against splashes.

Comfortable Fit

For someone who is 170cm, weighing 67kg, and has a chest measurement of 91cm, the Small size fits perfectly, which is true to their sizing chart. My movements on the bike never felt restricted and it was a comfortable commute.

During colder days, I’m also able to squeeze in two layers of clothing beneath the jacket (a base layer and a merino jersey). There are two rear button waist adjusters to expand the jacket for up to 2cm if needed.

The cuffs are shaped at an angle to protect the back of the hand when in the riding position. When off the bike, they felt slightly longer, but once I’m in my riding position, the length is just where I wanted it to be.

Ample Storage Space

The pockets are where I felt Vulpine paid a lot of attention to the design. There are four pockets altogether; two large zippered front pockets on each side, one large pocket on the rear right with magnetic closure, and a small pocket on the front chest. The YKK zippers are concealed, giving it an elegant finish.

For those that need more pocket space, the rear pocket measures 15cm deep and 18cm wide. There is plenty of space for the mobile phone, wallet, and more. There’s also an integrated carabiner inside the left front pocket to secure the keys which I almost missed.

Vulpine Harrington Rain Jacket
  • Design and Aesthetics
  • Comfort
  • Sizing Accuracy and Fit
  • Foul Weather Protection
  • Durability

Buy This If...

You want a jacket that looks good both on and off the bike. Vulpine successfully combined the timeless Harrington-style jacket to suit the needs of the urban, commuter cyclist.

How Much Does it Cost?

The Vulpine Harrington Rain Jacket retails for £200.

It’s available in sizes from Small to XX-Large and three colors (black, charcoal, and classic navy).

Available at : Vulpine

Chris Ireland

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