The 10 Best Bike Repair Stands in 2020

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Are you planning to buy a bike repair stand?

You probably realise the it’s not wise to keep visiting your local bike shops for the smallest of bike servicing. In fact, most of the bike maintenance tasks can be performed at home, if you have the right tools.

The bike stand is no exception. 

In fact, it’s among the first and most important bike tools to invest in. Keep in mind that not all repair stands are the same. They each differ in design quality and have their own pros and cons.

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Having said that, I’ve put together my top picks and  I’m sure you’ll find one that suits your needs; whether you’re on a budget, home mechanic or an aspiring pro mechanic.

Here are 10 of the best bike repair stands to consider.

Best Value for Money

Bike Hand Repair Stand

Bikehand Pro Bike Stand

Best for Portability

Tacx Spider Repair Stand

Tacx Spider Team Work Stand

Best For Pro MEchanic

Feedback Sports Sprint Stand

Feedback Sports Sprint Stand

Best Value for Money

Bikehand Pro Mechanic Stand

Bikehand Bike Repair Stand
Photo Credit : Bikehand

The Bikehand Pro Mechanic Stand is my top choice for a value for money bike repair stand.

It’s constructed of robust aluminum and is both height and angle adjustable. The clamp rotates to suit most frame types and will grip strongly enough for heavier bikes without damaging the frame or paint.

With a neat tool tray and the ability to fold away, this repair stand has everything you need to fettle, adjust, repair and upgrade your bike. The inclusion of quick release handles for the clamps and adjustments means setting this up and breaking it down is a breeze.

Feedback Sports Recreational Repair Stand

Feedback Sports Recreational Bike Repair Stand
Photo Credit : Feedback Sports

Is there anything more frustrating than trying to perform maintenance on your bike while attempting to keep it upright and not rolling away from you? 

End all of the frustration and cursing and buy yourself a bike stand. 

This repair stand from Feedback Sports will hold your bike while you keep both hands free to perform the work that needs to be done. And, with its affordable price tag, you won’t feel guilty about springing for it. 

Feedback’s stand features a 360-degree rubber-coated rotating clamp that securely holds your bike without damaging it. With a load capacity of 60lbs., it will hold even an electric bike. It’s also light and compact enough for easy storage when not in use. 

Safstar Pro Repair Stand

S AFSTAR Pro Mechanic Bike Repair Stand
Photo Credit : S AFSTAR

The Safstar Pro Repair Stand is my second choice for best value bike repair stand after the Bikehand Pro Mechanic Stand.

It’s another solid option that delivers a lot of stability and features without breaking the bank. This stand is constructed from a steel frame with plastic clamps and tool tray.

It is rated for up to 30kg so can cope with mountain bikes as well as road bikes.

With adjustable height, legs, clamp angle and strength, this is another flexible option for keeping your bike in good repair. The plastic is robust and the clamp more than strong enough for any road bike and most mountain bikes. It folds away nicely for efficient storage too.

Best for Home Mechanic

Park Tool PCS 10

Park Tool Deluxe Home Mechanic Repair Stand
Photo Credit : Park Tool

If you’re at all familiar with bike repair and maintenance, then you’ve certainly heard of Park Tool.

They’re only the biggest manufacturer of bike tools in the world. The Park Tool PCS 10 will make an excellent addition to your home shop. With a four-point leg system, you can rest assured that your bike will be securely held in place as you conduct your repairs and maintenance. 

Height is quickly adjustable from 55” to 72”. The stand is made from durable powder-coated tubing and includes an adjustable clamp that rotates 360 degrees. And, if that’s not durable enough for you, the PCS 10 also comes with a lifetime warranty.

Feedback Sports Sport Mechanic Repair Stand

Feedback Sports Sport Mechanic Bicycle Repair Stand
Photo Credit : Feedback Sports

The Feedback Sports Sport Mechanic is my second choice bike stand for the home mechanic. 

It’s another quality stand constructed of 6061 aluminum with adjustable height, rubber tipped feet and clamp and quick release fittings. The stand is light and folds up small making for easy storage or transport.

The highlight of this stand is its ability to be stable on many surface types. This would be ideal if preparing your bike for a sportive or event. As it is rated for up to 29.5kg, it can handle mountain bikes too. 

With a strong but gentle grip and ability to infinitely adjust, this is also a solid option for home mechanics.

Topeak Prepstand ZX

Topeak PrepStand ZX Repair Stand
Photo Credit : Topeak

The Topeak Prepstand ZX continues the brand’s habit of delivering top quality kit with great design and useful features. 

This stand is no different. 

Topeak has designed this stand with the same 6061 aluminum that many bike frames are made of. With rubber feet and a gentle quick release clamp, this stand is simple done well. There is an optional tool tray too.

The clamp angles to support either a seat post or seat tube and gently holds it in place. This ensures absolutely no damage to your paintwork while holding it in place. While it looks deceptively simple, this stand delivers on every count.

Best for Pro Mechanics

Park Tool Team Issue PRS 22.2

Park Tool Team Issue 22.2 Repair Stand
Photo Credit : Park Tool

The Park Tool Team Issue PRS 22.2 is my top choice for pro-level repairs.

Originally designed for pro tour mechanics, it is now available to us mere mortals. It’s a solid and very stable tripod design with frame supports for forks or bottom bracket rather than adjustable clamp. This offers much more stability and less chance of damaging your frame or paintwork.

This stand is manufactured using 6063 aluminum with composite accessories. The adjustable clamps will work with all frame types and fork sizes. 

With a maximum weight of 27kg, it can handle most bike types too.

Feedback Sports Sprint Stand

Feedback Sports Sprint Stand
Photo Credit : Feedback Sports

The Feedback Sports Sprint Stand is another pro level repair stand which quickly becomes obvious as soon as you unbox it. 

In a rich anodized red color, it certainly stands out. The design is similar to the Park Tool PRS22.2 with a tripod, extendable height and fork or bottom bracket clamps. Also like the Park Tool PRS22.2, this stand should be stable on most surfaces making it ideal for taking with you.

Constructed from 6061 aluminum with rubber coated plastic accessories, this is built to last and comes with a carry bag to keep it looking like new. 

Capable of handling any bike up to 39kg, you could repair almost any bike using this.

Best Wall Mounted

Park Tool PRS 4W

Park Tool PRS 4W
Photo Credit : Park Tool

The Park Tool PRS 4W is my top choice for a wall mounted stand. 

It’s a great design with solid construction and offers similar adjustability to other stands with the advantage of being fixed to the wall. It stands 37cm from the wall offering lots of room to adjust your bike without becoming inconvenient.

The construction is solid cast aluminum with a tough plastic cover. It is weatherproof and adjustable for frames up to 41mm. What you would think as an incredibly simple device has been thoroughly designed and thought through offering the best stand of its kind in our opinion.

Unior Wall Mount Repair Stand

Unior Wall Mount Repair Stand
Photo Credit : Unior

Not into setting up and taking down a stand whenever it’s time to work on your bike?  

Interested in something a little more permanent but still out of the way? 

Check out this wall or bench mount repair stand from bike tool specialists Unior.

This durable stand is easy to mount to your workbench or the wall of your home workshop. Your bike secures to the stand through a simple spring-loaded clamping system, which fits bike tubes ranging in size from 24mm to 40mm in diameter. 

An adjustable nut allows you to change the angle of the bike for easier access to different parts. And, with forged steel construction, this is one of the more durable stands you can buy.

6 Things to Consider Before Buying Bike Repair Stands

You’ll probably seen by now that there are various types of repair stands out there. Each of them differ and have their own pros and cons.

Before you head out and buy one, here are some of the things you should keep in mind and look out for. Hopefully, they’ll help you make an informed purchase decision.

1. Stability

A V Shape Leg Support. Source: Park Tools

Stability is an important attribute to consider in a bike repair stand, and it often varies based on the design of different models. The more stable a stand is, the safer it is because it is less likely to topple over and injure someone or damage your bike. 

Depending on your needs, there are common leg support designs you can choose from:

2. Weight Limit

Watch out for the Maximum Weight Limit. Source: Park Tools

Pay particular attention to repair stands that use a clamp to hold your bikes like the Park Tool PCS-10.

They usually have a weight limit of what it can support. Usually it can be anywhere between 20 to 40kg. If you’re working on a road bike, there’s not much for you to worry about.

But if you’re working on heavier bikes such as mountain bike, commuter bike, fat bike or a e-bike, then you’ve to pay more attention.

3. Portability

If you like carrying your repair stand on-the-go or do not have a permanent workspace in your home, then you need to consider the portability of your stand.

When considering portability, I recommend going for a lightweight stand such as the Feedback Sports Sport Mechanic Stand.

Besides, you could also shop around for a stand that collapses or one that could be folded to a smaller size for travel or storage. You’ll also need to ensure that your stand is easy to set up when the need arises.

4. Height Adjustment

The last thing you want is to perform your bike repairs or routine maintenance in absolute discomfort and end up with a stiff neck or aching back. 

While almost all repair stand options will offer height adjustment, I recommend you consider your height as well as that of your bike.

If you are tall, look for a stand that elevates your bike to a position you can easily and comfortably work on all parts. Comfort can determine how quickly and effectively you accomplish the repair work, so you don’t want to bend over every time you need to work on the bike.

5. Clamp Design

If you’re considering a bike stand with a top tube or seatpost clamping style such as the Topeak Prepstand ZX, give serious consideration about the clamp design.

When I mention clamp design, I mean the manner in which your bike is held onto the work stand. In most cases, this will determine whether your work will be easy or not. 

Besides being easy to retrieve, the clamp style should also have a rubberized grip to avoid any damage on your bike’s finish. It’s even more important if it’s a carbon bike frame.

6. Durability

Similar to buying a bike, your repair stand is also an investment, so you need to get the best out of it. You want to buy a bike workstand that will withstand all the rough handling, falls, and the weight of your bike. 

In this case, you should go for a stand that has a robust construction and that uses quality materials such as the Feedback Sports Sprint Stand or the Park Tool PRS 22.2. While they might cost more than the rest, they last you for a long time and save you a lot of hassle.

The durability of your bike stand determines how long this piece of equipment will serve you, so you do not want to settle for anything mediocre. While plastic material might look aesthetically appealing, it’s not a material I would recommend for your bike stand if your focus is longevity.

7. Angle Adjustment

When performing complex repairs, like bleeding hydraulic brakes, the ability to maneuver between angles is vital. 

To achieve this, you need a stand that is adjustable, easily swivels and locks down onto the angle. You do not want to start working on something precise, and your bike tilts away.