The 10 Best 24 Inch Bikes for Kids Aged 7 to 10

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Buying a 24″ bike for your kids can sometimes turn into a decision making nightmare. You’ll have questions like,

What’s the best 24″ bike for my kid?

And you soon realise that these bikes come in various types of configurations; frame materials, number of gears, tire types, brakes and even different frame geometry.

Pretty confusing, isn’t it?

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Generally, 24″ bikes are suited towards kids aged at least 7 years and above, or if they’ve reached a certain height to be able to ride these bigger size bikes comfortably and confidently.

So, here are my top 10 picks for the best 24″ kids bikes for you to consider.

Bike ModelBest ForGearingToday's Price
Guardian EthosValue for Money7 SpeedCheck Price
Mongoose CipherBudget Minded7 SpeedCheck Price
Roadmaster GraniteBudget Minded18 SpeedCheck Price
Huffy Hardtail MTBBudget Minded18 SpeedCheck Price
Huffy All Terrain BikeAll Terrain21 SpeedCheck Price
New York BicycleAll Terrain21 SpeedCheck Price
Cranbrook CruiserGirlsSingle SpeedCheck Price
Pacific TideGirls18 SpeedCheck Price
Prevelo Alpha 4Lightweight7 SpeedCheck Price
Cannondale QuickLightweight7 SpeedCheck Price

Best Budget

Roadmaster Granite 24 Silver

RoadMaster Granite 24″

Best Value

Diamondback Cobra 24

DiamondBack Cobra 24″

Best LightWeight

Prevelo Alpha 4 Blue

Prevelo Alpha 4

Best Value for Money

1. Guardian Ethos 24"

Guardian Ethos 24 Inch Bike
Photo Credit : Guardian

Guardian has a simple philosophy when it comes to bikes: stopping is just as important as a smooth ride and good control, especially for young riders who may not be used to two brake levers. 

The Ethos is built on a relatively lightweight steel frame which provides strength and support. Equipped with a single lever for front and rear brakes, you can rest easy knowing that your kid won’t have to risk any head-over-handlebars accidents.

Apart from that, the Ethos is affordable, comes with a 7-speed gear setup, and features decoration chosen by elementary school students, so it’s sure to suit your child’s tastes.

2. Mongoose Cipher 24" Boys Bike

Mongoose Cipher 24-inch Bike
Photo Credit : Mongoose

Mongoose is another ideal choice for parents who are looking for a 24″ bike that represents the most value for their money.

The bike frame is made of aluminum, making it lighter than most steel frames. The tubes are formed using Mongoose’s proprietary Hydro technology to increase durability and reliability especially when riding in off-roads. The wheels are made out of light alloy material and are able to fit 2″ wide mountain-bike tires on them.

To further improve the riding comfort over rough terrains, the front suspension offers 40mm of travel while two V-brakes ensure enough stopping power in the trails.

It also features Shimano drivetrain with 7 gears. Shifting is crisp with a grip shifter on a strong and ergonomic handlebar with a higher-rise for a better riding position.

This is a great alternative to the more popular DiamondBack Cobra 24.

Best for the Budget Minded​

3. Roadmaster Granite

Roadmaster Granite 24 Silver

Another alternative for a budget 24″ bike is the Roadmaster 24″ Granite Peak. It comes with plenty of features suitable for the kids who are about to upgrade to a larger bike. 

The frame made of steel for better durability, 18 gears powered by Shimano, making this bike suitable for riding in almost all types of terrains. 

The alloy wheels are mounted with 1.95″ mountain bike tires which offer plenty of grip for uneven surfaces and off-road terrain.

4. Huffy Kids Hardtail 24" Bike

Huffy Bikes Granite 24 Inch

Huffy Kids Hardtail is a true mountain bike which is made for aggressive riding both on-road and off-road, featuring a gloss blue hardtail frame, Shimano 6-speed drivetrain and a front suspension fork.

It’s a lightweight and durable frame that handles bumps and dips efficiently, ensuring a smoother ride. The handlebar offers a slight-rise position that minimizes back and shoulder strain yet offers a better riding position that ensures comfort.

What’s interesting about this bike is a micro-shift twist shifter that is easy to use yet combines 6 speeds that will handle most any climbs. There’s even a removable derailleur guard placed to protect the rear derailleur during a crash.

Best for All Terrain

5. Huffy 24" All Terrain Bike

Huffy 24 inch All Terrain Bike
Photo Credit : Huffy

For the 10 year old who just can’t wait to get off the pavement and into rougher terrain, this bike from Huffy is an ideal starter.

With all of the great features one could expect from a high-grade adult mountain bike, the Huffy 24” ATB comes with front and rear dual disc brakes for on-a-dime stopping. Wide, durable tires provide good grip and reliable cushion for drops and minor impacts, and the Shimano 7-speed rear derailleur offers a wide range of gears for different terrains.

Built to adjust in line with a young cyclist’s growth, the rapid-release binder clip allows for quick, accurate adjustment of the saddle so growth spurts are easily dealt with.

6. New York Bicycle 24" All Terrain Bike

New York Bicycle 24 inch Kids Bike

The New York Bicycle Company was founded to bring high-quality bikes to riders at reasonable prices, and kids aren’t left out. Their 24” all-terrain offering is a durable bike that combines great design and an affordable price, this bike is designed to keep up with your growing child for years of fun use. 

The easily-mounted steel frame is tough, durable, and weather-resistant to stand up to the wear and tear of childhood. With a range of 21 gears and Shimano twist shifters, young riders will find it easy to adapt to their surroundings and ride in comfort. 

Kids aged 7 to 10 will find this bike perfect for all of their journeys on pavement and off.

Best for Girls

7. Cranbrook Cruiser

Cranbrook Kids 24 inch Bike
Photo Credit : Cranbrook

For parents who want to give a growing girl the full experience of an adult cruiser without missing out on any features, the Cranbrook cruiser is a great choice. 

Riding on 24” steel wheels with whitewall tires, the light, strong, step-through aluminum frame offers plenty of support while making control and maneuvering easy and quick. Front and rear fenders and a durable chainguard add retro touches to the Cranbrook’s appearance and keep mud and moisture from staining clothing on cycling adventures around the neighborhood.

Extra features like the cushiony rubber bumper seat and the bright red color this bike a hit with girls.

8. Pacific Tide 24"

Pacific Girls 24 Inch Bike

The Pacific’s Tide is a 24″ bike for girls who are looking to get on a bigger bike and continue their adventures whether they’re riding on the road or off-road.

Even though it features a heavier steel frame (check out the Cranbrook if you’re after a lighter girls bike), it has a geometry that allows easier control and getting on and off the bike. The suspension alloy fork helps to smoothen the bumps and increases the stability, control and comfort of the bike.

With 18-speed gearing system, controlled by a grip shifter, your girl can pretty much ride on all terrains, both flat and hilly ones.

Best Lightweight 24" Bikes

9. Prevelo Alpha 4

Prevelo Alpha 4 Blue

The Prevelo Alpha 4 certainly don’t come cheap. If you look closely at this bike, you’ll soon realise it screams quality right from the start.

The frame is made of a higher grade 6061 aluminum, which makes it even lighter than most aluminum frame out there. And it doesn’t stop here.

Gearing wise, the Shimano 8-speed drivetrain with a 11-34T gear range will ensure your child gets over the steepest climbs around the neighborhood. While not having a front suspension, this is compensated by a 1.5″ wide tires which will help smoothen out the uneven surfaces for a more comfortable ride.

Even though Alpha Four is a bit pricier bike, it’s worth every dollar it costs. 

10. Cannondale Quick 24

Cannondale Quick 24 Kids Bike

Cannondale is a very well-known bike manufacturer and they provide incredible quality which is highly visible in their Quick 24 bike.

This bike is based upon Cannondale’s lightweight SmartForm C2 alloy frame and fork that is designed for riding over any type of terrains. Throw in the 1.5″ wide Kenda tires, the ride becomes more comfortable.

The drivetrain is powered by a 7-speed Shimano gear system, controlled by grip shifter. With its 11-28T gearing range, you’d be sure your kid will cover both flat and hilly terrains without any problem.

If you’re after a lightweight bike, the Cannondale makes a great choice.

5 Things to Consider Before Buying 24" Kids Bikes

From experience, I’ve seen parents being overwhelmed by lots of information when it comes to buying bikes for their kids.

Well, it’s a lot of info to digest but it shouldn’t be that complicated.

In this section below, I’ve covered the 5 important things to look out for before you buy. Going through the sections below will give you a clearer idea of what to expect.

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If you want a more detailed guide, you can read my kids bike guide which will cover each of the topics below in depth.

1. Kids Aged 7+

24″ bikes are the last bike size before stepping into adult bike size territory. Generally the minimum age for 24″ bikes is at least 7 years old.

From my experience and observation, kids usually start riding 24″ bikes when they’re 8, 9 or sometimes 10 years old.

It’s inaccurate to size the kids just based on their age as kids of the same age might not have the same height.

A more accurate method is to measure their inseam.

But, what’s an inseam?

Inseam is the length measured from the crotch to the floor of a child who is standing with both feet flat on the ground. The ideal inseam measurement for a 24″ bike is between 24″ and 28″.

If your child falls outside of this range, you might want to consider either sizing up or down a size for them.

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2. Frame Materials

The majority of 24″ kids bikes are main of either steel or aluminium. There are some exceptions where they’re made of carbon, but they will cost you a lot of money.

Steel is a very durable, reliable material and more importantly, affordable material to build a bike frame. The downside is, it’s heavy. Some good examples of steel bikes are the Huffy Kids Hardtail and the Mongoose Cipher.

On the other hand, aluminum offers the same durability yet is a lot lighter and more expensive. Bikes like the Cannondale Quick 24 and Prevelo Alpha 4 are among the lightest 24″ bikes, but they come with a heavier price tag.

In short, be prepared to pay more if you’re after a lighter bike.

3. Gearing Range

Shimano and SRAM are the two most common gear manufacturers seen in 24″ bikes.

Since 24″ are now bigger bikes, they come with various gear configurations. Some of the bikes such as Guardian Ethos and Cannondale Quick will come with 7 speed gearing, while others such as Roadmaster Granite and Huffy have up to 18 gears with 3 front chain rings.

For example, if the bike has 2 front chainrings and 7 rear cogs, there will be a total of 14 available gears. The wider the gearing range, the more versatile the bike is.

You might also start noticing that manufacturers specifying the gear ratio in terms of 11-28T or 11-34T. 

What does this mean?

11T represents 11 teeth at the rear cog, which indicates a very high gear which is ideal for cruising along flat roads.

28T represents a very low gear, which is useful for the hills. The steeper the hill is, the lower the gears needed, which is why some bikes such as the Prevelo Alpha 4 comes with a 34T rear cassette.

4. Brakes

You’ll notice that every 24″ bikes now come with brakes. And there’s really no surprise here.

However, what differs is the type of brakes. There are no coaster brakes anymore, but almost all of them come with either V-brakes, rim brakes or even disc brakes such as the Tommaso Ghost.

5. Tires

Almost all 24″ bikes come with tires that require air pressure and are vulnerable to punctures. So, it’s about time that you consider learning how to change an inner tube yourself and teaching your kids how to do them too.

You’ll notice that the tires come in various sizes, typically from 1.5″ to 1.9″ wide. The wider the tire size, the more comfortable the ride will be as you’ll be running a lower air pressure due to the larger tire volume.