The 9 Best Cycling Bib Shorts in 2020

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When it comes to comfort on the bike, it’s important to wear the cycling shorts. You’ll be seated on the saddle most of the time and having a good pair will definitely help. 

There are many things that go into a pair of good cycling shorts. You’ll need to consider things like materials, fit, sizing, chamois, leg grippers and more. 

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Besides, there are also various types of cycling shorts such as bib shorts, bib tights and those that are specifically designed for cold and wet season rides.

Here are 9 of the best cycling shorts to choose from, depending on your needs.

Best for Budget

Przewalski Men Cycling Bib Shorts

Przewalski Bib Shorts

Best for Value

dhb Classic Bib Shorts

dhb Classic Bib Shorts

Best for Comfort

Sportful Total Comfort Bib Shorts

Sportful Super Total Comfort Bibs

1. Best Budget Bib Shorts - Przewalski Men’s 3D

The Przewalski Men’s 3D Bib Shorts may not be as popular as the dhb classics, but they perform just as well for fit and comfort. 

With an understated design, the quality of the material, fit and chamois is surprisingly good. The panels and seams sewn together well, the chamois provides enough comfort on longer rides without being too bulky.

The silicone leg grippers are designed to be gentle on your skin while preventing the bib shorts from rolling up with pedal stroke.

Considering the price point, these are comfortable and durable for everyday use.

2. Best Value Bib Shorts - dhb Classic

Wiggle’s in house brand has been many years in the making. 

The combination of price, quality, good fit and design has resonated well with a lot of cyclists. 

The dhb Classic Bib Shorts now sits in the mid-tier of their product lineup. 

It comes with a very simple design in black color, a decent pad and the silicone grippers all make for a very comfortable ride.

Considering they are priced lower than most other bib shorts on here but perform almost as good in most situations, these are definitely worth considering.

3. Most Comfortable Bib Shorts - Sportful Total Comfort

The Sportful Super Total Comfort bib shorts are at the top of the tree for the Italian company. 

Ideal for longer rides thanks to the Total Comfort chamois, these are hard to fault. The design is very with only small logo and will match with most of your kits.

Comfort is excellent doe you to ride long and hard. Best of all, the bib shorts won’t get in your way and you’ll soon forget that they’re even there.

If you’re an epic all-day rider looking for the best in comfort, padding, moisture-wicking performance, and muscle support, then this is what you’ll need.

4. Best Padded Bib Shorts - Castelli Free Aero Race 4

The Castelli Free Aero Race 4 is a premium pair of bib shorts. Besides being the bibs of choice for Team Sky, there are a few other reasons you will never go wrong with the Free Aero Race 4. 

Starting from the design, this bib is engineered with a minimalist construction to keep your body cool throughout your ride. It uses Castelli’s top of the line chamois, the Progetto X2 which is very comfortable.

The fit comes up slightly small like most Italian kit, but once you get the right sizing, fits like a glove is an understatement. The Forza fabric and lycra combination offers exactly the right amount of support while wicking away sweat and not chafing.

This is a very worthy pair of bib shorts.

5. Best for Summer - Giordana FR-C Pro

The Giordana FR-C Pro bib shorts uses Italian styling and sizing to deliver a top class set of cycling bib shorts. 

Giordana has taken the construction standards of this pair of bib shorts higher by using a fabric that eliminates creased with every stroke of the pedal. 

The Nylon microfiber material is infused with aloe vera which helps keep you cool and reduce odor accumulation.

Beneath the Nylon microfiber is a 4mm memory foam which improves breathability and sweat management by facilitating quick evaporation of moisture. 

These bib shorts feel as good as they look and are definitely worth considering.

6. Best for Long Rides - Assos T.equipe_s7

The Assos T.equipe_s7 Bib Shorts are exactly what you would expect from the Swiss brand. It has taken 6 years of fine-tuning and reworking the design for them to release this pair of bib shorts.

These award winning bib shorts deliver on comfort, fit, support and style. A combination of intelligent Golden Gate stitching and multiple laser cut panels ensures comfort while feeling comfortable and supportive at the same time.

These shorts are light but don’t feel flimsy. The new stitching system removes chafing altogether while the chamois is just enough to offer comfort without being bulky. 

Ask any cyclist who regularly rides more than 100 miles for their favorite bib shorts, chances are you’ll hear them saying Assos.

7. Best for Wet Weather - Sportful Fiandre NoRain

The Fiandre NoRain Cycling cycling shorts is perfect for all cold-weather rides all thanks to its No-Rain nanotechnology finish that offers extra protection against rain. 

Better yet, this bibshort will keep you comfortable and warm should you choose to use it on a dry day. 

It uses the Body Fit Pro chamois pad which creates the appropriate padding where you need it most

Flat seams, water-resistant NoRain Warm fabric and the Thermodrytex thermal layer ensures you’re ready to ride whatever the conditions. 

The fit is tight but they will work well with leg warmers if you need even more protection.

8. Best for Spring and Autumn - Castelli Omloop

The Castelli Omloop Thermal bib shorts may be a previous generation of Castelli bib but it still more than holds its own. 

The Thermoflex material and mesh vest combination work well in all conditions. 

These cycling shorts are also slightly longer than normal to offer a little more protection for the knees on chilly mornings.

With typical Castelli quality, nice design, stretchy fabric and comfortable Progetto X2 chamois, these are all the bibs you need in all but the warmest conditions.

9. Best for Winter - GORE Wear C5 Thermo

The Gore Wear C5 Thermo equal both Pearl Izumi and Castelli cycling shorts for form and fit. 

They are very comfortable with the Gore Windstopper material which keeps the wind chill away, while being breathable. It uses extra insulating materials when you require it, like at the knees, and cuts it on other parts to reduce the bulk. 

The bib’s Thermo lining offers luxurious warmth and its finish gives a soft touch. At the top, a breathable, mesh sits below the upper bib layers for proper ventilation while cycling. 

The reflective logos on these tights will increase visibility even when there is little light. 

Types of Cycling Bibs and Shorts

You’ll probably have noticed that there are various lengths when it comes to cycling shorts. 

So, what’s the difference between them and what type of riding are they suited for?

Let’s take a closer look at the differences between a cycling shorts, bib shorts and bib tights.

Cycling Shorts

Castelli Cycling Shorts
Castelli's Cycling Shorts. Source: Castelli

Cycling shorts, or some would call it waist shorts, depend on a elasticated waistband to keep them in position. They were very popular up until the 1980’s among road cyclists until Castelli invented the cycling bibs (more on this below).

  • Pros : Cheaper than cycling bibs and easier to remove for a toilet break.
  • Cons : Not as comfortable without the shoulder straps support.

Bibs Shorts

Castelli Bib Shorts
Castelli's Bib Shorts. Source: Castelli

First introduced by Castelli in the 1980’s, bib shorts comes with shoulder straps that provide better fit, comfort and support when you’re in the hunched position on the bike. 

On first glance, most bib shorts would probably look the same, but if you look closer, each and every brand differ in many ways.

The shoulder straps placement, high or low cut, grippers, fit, materials are among the places where each brand try to differentiate themselves to cater for a different type of cyclist.

Having said that, bib shorts are the number one choice for of road cyclists today.

  • Pros : Fits and stays in place. Very little movement.
  • Cons : More expensive and inconvenient for a mid-ride toilet break.

Bib Tights

Castelli Bib Tights
Castelli Bib Tights. Source: Castelli

Bib tights are essentially the longer version of bib shorts.

They’re meant to be worn during the colder months. Depending on how cold it gets in your local area, there is a choice of a full length vs 3/4 length bib tights. The Gore Wear C5 Thermo is an example of a full length bib tights.

A full length bib tights extend all the way to your ankle, while a 3/4 one will extend to just below your knees such as the Castelli Omloop. The majority of them would also include an inner fleeced layer to keep your warm.

To ensure it’s easier to put on, some bib tights will include a zipper at bottom. One such example is the Castelli Velocissimo bib tights.

  • Pros : Full leg protection for the colder months.
  • Cons : Can be expensive and hard to put on.

Cycling Bibs and Shorts Buyers Guide

A good quality pair of cycling bibs that fit well can make or break your riding experience than your frame, wheels, fuel and just about anything else. 

Comfort when pedaling upwards of several thousand times while balancing your body weight on a bike saddle is vital. Any discomfort in this region and you’re not going to enjoy yourself.

Here are 5 things to consider when buying your next pair of cycling bibs.

1. Fabric Material

Lycra Explained
Lycra Explained. Source: Baselayer UK

It wasn’t until the 1970’s that spandex was used in cycling bibs. The term spandex (or also referred to as elastane) and lycra is used inter-changeable today. They’re actually the same thing.

Lycra is the brand name registered to DuPont Manufacturing for it’s spandex.

Spandex is the main material used in cycling bibs today. 

You’ll probably noticed that many cycling bibs today, especially those mid to high-end ones, use a combination of spandex with other complex, technical sports materials such as Polyamide (nylon) and Polyester

That’s because spandex, while being stretchy, isn’t very breathable and that’s not ideal if you’re sweating buckets during the summer. The combination of spandex and other materials is to improve fit and comfort, breathability, reduce heat absorption and block the sun’s UV rays.

For spring, autumn and winter bibs, you’ll find the inner layers are fleeced and the overall materials are thicker. This is meant to block the chilly effects of the wind and keep your lower body warm. 

Durable Water Repellent DWR
How Durable Water Repellent Layer Works

For wet weather bibs such as the Sportful Fiandre NoRain, the outer layer is treated with a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coating to make it water-repellent. They’re sufficient for light to medium showers but not for heavy downpour as they’re not fully waterproof. A good example is the Castelli Nanoflex 2 or Sportful Fiandre NoRain bibs.

2. Fit and Sizing

Fit and comfort everything when selecting bib shorts. It’s also a very personal thing and differs for everyone.

You’ll often come across that someone who owns a few pairs of the same cycling bibs. Once you’ve found the ideal bibs, you stick to it.

Sizing wise, Italian brands such as Castelli and Sportful typically come up a size smaller than the others. Some would call this Euro sizing. 

If you’re buying online, the first place to look is obviously the sizing chart. But don’t rely on that alone as it can be misleading at times. Look at the customer reviews and you’ll often find people giving feedback and include their height, weight and sizing in it. These are very useful information that you can use to compare against yourself.

Also keep in mind that while the sizing chart applies for all models within the same brand, the fit could differ due to it’s cut. You might come across terms like race (tight fit) or endurance (more forgiving and comfortable fit).

3. Chamois

Castelli Kiss Air Chamois
Castelli's KISS Air Chamois. Source: Castelli

Like fit and sizing, chamois (also known as pads, or seat pads) is also a very personal thing.

Traditionally, chamois were made from leather, usually from sheep skin and subsequently deer skin. It’s only in the 1980’s that Castelli developed a non-leather chamois and in the past 30 years, we’ve seen major improvements in the chamois we have today.

The chamois has a lot of work to do. 

It provides a layer of padding and support between your pelvic bones, crotch and your saddle. These days, chamois come in various thickness, providing you with maximum padding and support at specific places that need them most. 

Besides that, it also has to wick sweat effectively to prevent bacterial build up which could potentially lead to chaffing.

4. Leg Grippers

Castelli Bib Shorts Grippers
Leg Grippers on the Castelli Free Aero Bib Shorts

Grippers hold the bibs in place and stop them from riding up or down with every pedal stroke. You’ll notice that the bottom end of the bib is significantly tighter.

While each brand takes a different approach to grippers, they all achieve a similar goal. The gripper is usually made of soft silicone that grips the skin. In a good pair of bibs, you probably won’t feel it’s there.

5. Seams

It’s easy to differentiate between a high vs low quality pair of bib shorts by looking at the seams.

A high quality bib shorts will have minimal to no seams at all. The intent is to avoid chafing where two panels are sewn together and is a very important element of overall fit and comfort.

Some bibs, especially low quality ones are manufactured with as many as 12 individual panels so the seams placement is very important to minimize the chances of chaffing.

Flat or protected seams means the bibs have been manufactured to keep the stitching or joins away from the skin and are mostly more comfortable but you will never know until you try them on.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I really need bib shorts?

If you’re riding anything more than an hour, bib shorts would be ideal. Having a good pair of bib shorts will provide you with plenty of support, ensuring you’re comfortable on the bike for long periods.

But if you’re just riding casually, bib shorts are optional.

2. What are the differences between male and female bib shorts?

Women Bib Shorts
Different Types of Strap Placement in a Women Bib Shorts. Source: MBR

The main difference lies in the chamois contour to provide the necessary support for the female body. The straps are designed to provide upper body comfort while also accommodating the breasts. 

Some newer models also allows for the straps to be easily removed during a toilet break without having to strip off the entire bib shorts.

3. How to tell if a cycling bib short is men's or women's?

Look at the product name or description. 

In most cases, the manufacturer will explicitly differentiate them with wordings like men, women, donna (women in Italian) or using initials such as W.

4. What do you wear under cycling bib shorts?

Wear nothing under the bib shorts, for both male and female. Some could call this, going commando. You don’t want to end up looking like a cycling hubbard with your underwear!

Look, the chamois is specifically designed to be in contact with your skin and minimize chaffing. If you introduce an additional layer between your skin and the chamois, in this case, your underwear, you will increase the chances of chaffing.

5. How should a cycling bib fits?

It should fit snug. 

Tight, but not too tight that you feel uncomfortable that it’s hindering you during every pedal stroke.

6. How to minimise chafing?

Make sure you wear the right size of bib shorts and try to use chamois cream especially if you’re going for a long ride. 

Chamois creams not only helps minimize the chances of chaffing, but it also helps prevent inflammations, soothes the skin and prevent saddle sores.

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