The Best Amazon Prime Day Bike Deals in 2020

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Amazon Prime Day

What is Amazon Prime Day?

It’s Amazon’s BIGGEST shopping day and among the biggest shopping day in the Internet besides Black Friday and Singles Day. You’ll find a lot of items across many product categories on sale.

But there’s a catch.

You’ve be a Prime member. (Side note : Start Your Free, 30 Days Amazon Prime Trial Here)

So, when is Amazon Prime Day in 2020?

Amazon Prime Day falls on Tuesday, 13 to 14th October 2020 and will last for 48 hours.

Traditionally, Amazon Prime Day happens during the second week of July. But 2020 is not your usual year, so the date got pushed back to October. 

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How do I become an Amazon Prime Member?

To access the deals, you’ll need to be an Amazon Prime member. The Amazon Prime membership costs $119/year or $12.99/month. All new membership starts with a free 30-day trial period.

You can join Amazon Prime by signing up here

What to Expect from Amazon Prime Day Cycling Deals?

Amazon Prime Day cycling deals are often popular in the low to mid-range price spectrum products. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t find deals for top brands such as Garmin, Castelli or, Giro. It just means that the top of the line products are less often to be discounted.

The best deals are usually found in complete bikes ranging from $200 up to around the $2,000 mark. If you’re looking for a kids bike, commuter, or cheaper road and mountain bike, then Amazon Prime Day most likely has them.

Amazon Prime Day Cycling Deals

As seen in previous years, navigating the plethora of deals on Amazon’s website can be tedious and time-consuming. Many get lost within the first few minutes.

So we have scouted some of the best deals available for you.


You can find good deals on various types of bikes from popular household brands such as Schwinn, Diamondback, and Mongoose.

Clothing and Accessories

Good deals on jackets, long-sleeved jerseys, and helmets for riding through the upcoming winter.

Popular Products Among Cyclists

As seen from previous years, some products are very popular among cyclists. This section will be continuously updated as the best deals become available.

Alternatively, you might want to check out our recommendations on some of the most popular cycling gears such as :

1. Pro Bike Tool CO2 Inflator

This CO2 inflator is small and compact and will fit in nicely with your saddle bag. 

It’s built to last, using durable CNC machined aluminum alloy parts.  

To top things off, you can control the CO2 release by pressing the lever.

2. Assos Chamois Cream

This chamois cream from Assos is most probably the most popular among road cyclists. 

It helps to reduce friction between your skin and chamois, especially on long rides, and keeps your skin cool.

3. Cygolite Hotshot 150

The Cygolite Hotshot 150 is a popular choice among many cyclists for one reason.

It boasts the best price per lumens ratio for all rear lights available today. In other words, this is the best value for money rear light at 150 lumens and from a reputable brand who has been around for a long time.

4. Mirrycle Bike Bell

The Mirrycle bike bell is a value for money bell that puts function over form. 

It’s fully adjustable and can fit any bars with a diameter of 15mm to 39mm. You can fit in on all types of bikes and even kids bikes and scooters.

The dinger is also adjustable to ensure that your thumb is best positioned to use the bell, even for kids.

5. Topeak Joe Blow Sport 3 Bike Pump

The bike pump is among one of the must-haves for all cyclists at home. T

he Joe Blow 3 is in its third iteration and continues to be the most popular bike pump from Topeak, itself a reputable brand in bike accessories and tools.

It’s compatible with both presta and schraeder vales, making it useful for all types of bikes. The TwinHead DX head ensures that there’s no need of swapping out the pump head. 

Add in a 3″ air pressure gauge, this is one of the things you must have in your home garage.

6. Cateye Padrone Wireless Bike Computer

If you’re looking for a budget bike computer, you can’t possibly look beyond the Cateye Padrone.

Cateye has been around for a long long time, manufacturing high quality bike accessories  such as lights besides bike computers.

It comes with a large, easy to read display. You can have all the information you need such as  current speed, total distance ridden, elapsed time and time of the day, all in one screen.

7. Garmin Edge 530 Plus

After a bike computer with lots of features?

Consider the Garmin Edge 530 Plus.

This the upgraded model from the very popular Garmin Edge 520. The Plus version allows for turn-by-turn navigation, useful for those who like to explore new riding routes.

It’s ANT+ and Bluetooth enabled, making it compatible with all types of powermeters and heart rate monitors to give you more ride data.

8. Wahoo Heart Rate Monitor

This is arguable the best heart rate monitor a cyclist can buy today. 

It’s both ANT+ and Bluetooth enabled, making it compatible with a lot of smartphones, Apple watches and bike computers.

Like most heart rate monitors available today, it’s powered by a CR2032 coin battery which is easily replaceable by yourself at home.

9. Continental GP5000

Ask any road cyclists what their favourite tires are, you’ll often come across the Continental GP5000.

Introduced as the successor to the ever popular GP4000 S2 which has been around for since 2012. The GP5000 takes things up a few levels by offering lower rolling resistance and improved puncture resistance. 

And best of all, it’s tubeless ready.

10. Giro Cinder MIPS

The Cinder is a mid-range helmet from Giro. If you’re on a budget and looking for a high quality and safe road bike helmet, consider this model.

It comes with 26 air vents that will provide you with plenty of ventilation even during the hottest summer days. 

Safety wise, it comes with MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) technology which is designed to reduce rotational forces that can result from impacts from certain angles.

What Else is On Sale on Amazon Prime Day?

Besides cycling products, all Amazon-branded products are on sale once you joined Amazon Prime.

  • Amazon Echo Dot. You can get two Amazon Echo Dots for under $40 using the code DOTPRIME2PK at checkout.
  • Kindle Unlimited. Get 3 months free access to over 1 million books including some of the popular cycling biographies.
  • Amazon Music. Get 3 months access to only $0.99.
  • Audible. Get 3 months of free trial where you can download 1 audiobook monthly.

How to Get the Best out of Amazon Prime Day?

1. Become a Prime Member

You’ll need to be an Amazon Prime member to be eligible for all the deals. The good news is, you can join them on a free 30 days trial. After that, it’ll be $12.99 monthly, if you decide to continue.

Otherwise, you can always cancel the subscription before the billing date.

Sign up for an Amazon Prime account here.

2. Set A Calendar Reminder

The Amazon Prime Day is expected to fall on Monday, 15th July 2019. Remember to set a reminder in your calendar.  Often times, life gets in the way and by the time we realise, the deals have passed by.

3. Place Your Items in the Cart

A good shopping habit is to do your research, and do it early. 

Identify the items that you want to buy and place them in your shopping cart earlier. It’ll save you a lot of time during the actual Day. 

And, the good thing with this is, the new price will be reflected in your cart once the deals are live.

4. Download the Amazon Shopping App

While this might not really be a time saver, it’ll make things convenient for you, especially if you’ve saved all your items in the cart.

The Amazon app is very intuitive and you can quickly checkout your shopping cart with a few clicks. 

5. Amazon Lightning Deals

Lightning Deals are very similar to Today’s Deals, with a slight twist.

They’re available either for a set period of time, set quantity, or both. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

You can access Lightning Deals here.

Bear in mind that during Amazon Prime Day, the Lightning Deals are only available to Prime Members.

Amazon Prime Day Alternatives

Amazon is not the only one who is running a sales campaign during this period. Throughout the years, others have started their own Amazon Prime Day sales too, such as :