CloseTheGap Launched Updated HideMyBell Computer Mounts

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Netherlands based, CloseTheGap recently launched the updated version of HideMyBell. This new version is even louder now, gaining 10dB to 95dB in volume. It is made possible with an upgraded, robust steel spring and a louder brass bell hammer.

This improved bell is available in two of their most popular products, the HideMyBell Regular 2 and HideMyBell Insider2.

HideMyBell Regular 2

HideMyBell Regular 2 is an out-front bike computer mount with an integrated bell and an optional GoPro mount. The handlebar clamp is very similar to the ones used by the Jumbo-Visma World Tour Team on their RaceDay SL mount. Made of glass fiber reinjected polymer, the Regular 2 weighs 47g. 

In addition, the optional GoPro adapters are sold separately and sit behind the bike bell. You can either mount a GoPro or compatible bike lights on it.

The Regular 2 is available for 31.8mm handlebars and compatible with Garmin, Wahoo, Bryton, Mio, Polar, and Lezyne bike computers via the separate adapters included in the box.

HideMyBell Insider2

Designed for off-road riding, the Insider 2 is a compact version of the Regular 2. Instead of the out-front mount, the bike computer sits above the stem with the bell beside it. 

CloseTheGap claims that by placing the bell on the inside, there is no risk of contact with your knees during crashes as opposed to an out-front mount.

It’s available for both 31.8mm and 35mm handlebars and weighs 52g.

Pricing and Availability

The HideMyBell Regular 2 and Insider 2 are available at CloseTheGap at €39.95.

Hisham Mirza

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