Vision Launches Lighter, Wider and Aero Metron 45 SL and 60 SL Wheels

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Vision Metron 45 SL and 60 SL Wheelsets

Vision has announced its latest, top-of-the-line set of road racing wheelsets which the pros of EF Education Nippo and Bahrain Victorious are riding in the Tour de France. The new models are called Vision Metron 45 SL and 65 SL, are disc only and available in tubular and tubeless clinchers versions.

This newer generation Metron wheelsets will supersede the existing Metron 40 SL and 55 SL. Vision claims that they’re lighter and more aerodynamic due to the new carbon materials, wider rims, improved rim profile, and faster-engaging hubs.

Vision Metron 45 SL vs 40 SL Aerodynamic Drag Chart

Lab data shows that the new rim depths of 45mm and 60mm are 15 to 21% more stable in crosswinds from yaw angles above 5º which is very common in road cycling. 

The charts above from Vision show that the amount of drag for the Metron 45 SL and 60 SL decrease significantly at yaw angles above 10º over the Metron 40 SL and 55 SL.

Wider Rims

Vision Metron 45 SL and 60 SL Rim Depths

The internal and external rim widths have widened between 10 to 20% to accommodate wider tires. The Metron 45 SL and 60 SL now have a 21mm internal width as compared to 19mm previously. They’re designed to work optimally with 28c road bike tires, although 25c is still possible.

The table below shows the difference in rim widths compared to its predecessors.

ModelInternal Width (mm)External Width (mm)
Metron 40 SL1926
Metron 45 SL2131.1
Metron 55 SL1927
Metron 60 SL2133

Lighter and Stiffer

Vision Metron 45 SL and 60 SL Hub

Another area of improvement is in the weight. Depending on the models, the weight reduction can be up to 13%. According to Vision, a foam layer is added between the layers of carbon to reduce weight while improving stiffness. The spoke holes have also been reinforced, a further improvement over the previous models.

All the wheels are handbuilt with Italian stainless steel butted spokes and self-locking nipples. The spokes are laced 2:1 with 21 spokes in the front and 24 in the rear. The freehub is compatible with Shimano HG and SRAM xDR. The hub uses sealed cartridge bearings (2 front, 4 rear) and a hub ratchet with 72 engagement points for faster acceleration.

As with all disc brake wheelsets, today, the Metron 45 SL and 60 SL are compatible with 12mm thru-axles. For those running QR or 15mm thru-axles, the end caps and adapters are also included.

ModelTubeless ClincherTubular
Metron 40 SL1,560g1,310g
Metron 45 SL1,373g1,299g
Metron 55 SL1,690g1,540g
Metron 60 SL1,570g1,450g

Pricing and Availability

The wheels are available for pre-order now and are to be available by the end of 2021 according to Vision. The first owner will get a lifetime warranty from Vision.

More info : Vision Tech USA

Metron 45 SL$2,058€2,006
Metron 60 SL$2,100€2,058

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